How Was The Tecno Spark 3 Pro, Read On


This years Tecno spark 3 Pro is powered by HiOS, which is based on Android 9 operating system. This means a lot of things as you will soon find out. If you remember, the Tecno spark 2 came with Google Go operating system. And that was basically stock android to be honest.

The screen on the Spark 3 Pro is a massive 6.2 Inch with in screen navigation and a notch at the top that houses the ear piece, front camera as well as the front flash. The display area almost meets the top of the smartphone leaving just half a cm. The bottom bezel however is a little bit bigger when compared to the top bezel because its like a full cm.

If you are the type of person that dislikes notches then there is a hide notch area setting that you can select in the display settings of the smartphone.


I think am in love but I have a problem how can how can spark 2 be 2GB RAM and spark 3 will also be 2GB RAM 😞REPLY

That was a comment that I received on my Tecno Spark 3 Pro unboxing video. I feel the same way to be honest especially with a device that has 32 GB storage space. I expected the RAM to be higher, a 4GB device would be far much better. But lets not forget that the price of the Spark 3 is only Kenya shillings 12,499 or an equivalent of USD 125.

The Spark 3 Pro runs on a 2.GHz quad core processor and once again comparing the price of the smartphone to the specs then the consumer is the ultimate winner. The processor speed and RAM might seem to be low but the cost is even lower for a 6.2 Inch screen device.

So being an amateur android gamer, I found out that heavy games took a while to load.


Because the Spark 3 Pro has a bigger than average screen you will encounter the following features.

  • First the pull down menu can be pulled out from any empty space on the home screen. This makes it easier for those of you with short fingers.
  • Secondly the volume control menu appears on the right side of the screen as opposed to the top. This makes it so easy to switch between silent, vibration and ring modes. It is also a good shortcut to access sound settings.


The two cameras at the back are a dual combination of 13MP and 2MP. The 13MP top camera is the main camera used for taking AI CAM photos as well as videos. The second 2MP camera is used when taking portrait mode pictures, which is referred to as Bokeh in the Spark 3 Pro.

Here is an example of a photo take in Bokeh mode. You can definitely notice that everything in the background is blurred except for the subject in the front.

And here is another example of a photo taken using the Bokeh camera Mode. Notice how you cannot even read the text in the background?

I noticed that there is a weakness in the Bokeh mode pictures because there is some slight blurring of the main subject especially on the edges. I tried to keep the camera in different positions from the subject but the end result was still the same.

Tecno Spark 3 Pro Camera Shots

Battery and charging

The internal battery has a capacity of 3500mAh and I can comfortably say that it lasts a whole day without recharging. The smart power saving feature restricts the usage of power by rarely used apps in order to save the battery and extend it’s life. However the AI smart strategy reminder feature will switch the Spark 3 Pro into airplane mode after leaning the users habits. That is a feature that I will keep off.

The battery lab app on the Tecno Spark 3 Pro smartphone

The battery lab application on the Tecno Spark 3 Pro is a useful app for tracking which apps are used the most so that the user can know which apps drain the battery the most.

Features on the battery lab app

When it comes to free accessories, the Tecno Spark 3 Pro came with a screen protector as well as a clear phone case. If you remember my unboxing you will also recall that the free gift also came with an additional free screen protector. The flexible phone case is a dust proof phone case that also covers the micro USB jack as well as the headset jack.

The small problem I had with the phone case was with the flaps that cover the ports at the bottom because they require using both hands just to insert any cable. This will need a lot of getting used to because the flaps block the 3.5mm headset jack as well as the data cable from going in fully.