How To Avoid Buying Falsely Advertised Electronics


I have never fallen for the trap of buying falsely advertised products three times. This means that I have fallen for this trap two times now. The first time I bought a solar panel that was labeled as being 25 Watts, but on the packaging, the place where the wattage was written was torn off. It turns out that the panel had a false sticker on the panel itself. That size of panel was only 14 Watts. This was in 2007.

Now the second time was just recently when I bought a step down transformer labelled as being 300 Watts. It also turns out that it did not deliver what my original Lucky Sky 200 Watts transformer could achieve. I have documented the details of the Anlixun Transformer in the following video.

I Bought A Falsely Advertised Step Down Transformer, Anlixun

The other types of commonly mis-advertised products apart from transformers and solar panels are the following products. These in my opinion are the serious culprits.

  • Solar panel batteries
  • Audio Power output of Amplifiers and Radios
  • Light bulb light output

The following features are also falsely advertised which we are all used to. I am certain that you can name others here

  • Smartphone battery life
  • USB Drives storage capacity. Have you ever come across the 1TB Flash Disk?

An then there are the straight lies

  • Television Resolution because I recently saw a 32 inch TV labelled as being an OLED TV.
  • I have also come across small radios that claim to produce 1000 watts of music power

Here are the tips to avoid buying such products

  • Buy from reputable shops and companies

Big brands never disappoint most of the time. For example when buying light bulbs go for the known brands like phillips.

  • Do your research online before you buy anything

A majority of the people usually check for reviews online before purchasing anything. For example you now know that the Anlixun brand of step down transformers are not good.

  • Ask for advice from professionals

Sometimes I get calls from my contacts page here of people asking advice for products they are about to buy. I am usually happy to help out in these situations. So whatever it is that you want to buy, just ask around for a professional in your area for advice.

  • Ask for the return policy before

Sometimes the product you buy might not satisfy you once you start using it. Knowing the return policy before you buy is very important because it will influence your purchasing decision. Plus it helps build confidence in the product if a return policy is accepted.

There are two types of return policy, one is where they can exchange the product. The second one give you a voucher of the same amount so you ca buy a completely different item.