How To Charge Your Smartphone Faster


Ever wished you could charge your phone much faster? So have everyone else who owns a smartphone. On an average charger, or the charger you bought your smartphone with, the best way to reduce the charging time is by switching off apps and functions that consume a lot of battery juice. A few examples are Operator network, WiFi, Bluetooth and apps that receive a lot of notifications like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. So switching off the data or WiFi will make your smartphone charge faster. But that is not the secret I want you to know.

Its all about the Amperes

Ever noticed that some chargers charge your phone faster than others? And why does it take like forever to charge your phone on a computer or laptop.  When at home you might have noticed that it takes a longer time to charge your phone on the USB port of your TV, decoder or DVD player.

All chargers and USB ports produce the same average charging voltage of 5 Volts. The difference is the  charging current. The higher it is, the faster your phone will charge. That is the big secret. Computers and laptops charge at 500mA (milli-amperes). An average smartphone will have a 1.5A current, but some models have 2A.

A 5 Volts 1.5 Ampere charger from Infinix

A tablet charger is the surest way of charging your smartphone in less time. If you ever get a 5A charger then you are sorted, especially at the office.

There are two more things to consider with your new found secret.

Long vs short cables

Longer cables have a higher resistance to electricity so they will reduce the charging voltage and therefore prolong the time. The opposite is true.

The same effect applies to thin cables as opposed to thicker USB cables. So try and avoid extra long and slender USB cables.



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