5 Reasons Why I Love The Infinix Hot 6 Pro


Today I am happy to review the Infinix Hot 6 Pro and tell you my five reasons why I love this phone.  So far I am impressed plus at the end you will get to read of a feature that I wish was added to this smartphone.

In order to paint you a good picture of how the Infinix Hot 6 Pro looks like, I did a screen recording that you can check below.  It will also show you the Face ID feature that I will talk about below.

Big Battery

The very first item on my list is the battery capacity. With a 4000mAh battery the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is advertised as being a two day smartphone.

That’s true to an extent and it’s a bit over exaggerated because in my own case I charge it once every 2300Hrs with the battery percentage being around 35 percent at the time. With conservative use, it will last even 3 days but in my case being online every 30 minutes of every hour,  I don’t get to charge it during the day at all.



With 3 GB RAM and a 1.4 GHz quad core snapdragon processor,  the speed is not something to worry about.  The prof is in the screen recording video above.  Apps open almost immediately and games load faster too.  Every time I talk about a reason why I love the Infinix Hot 6 Pro I want you to keep in mind that it only costs Ksh15,699 or roughly 156USD.

So my third reason why I love the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is its Value for Money

Since I am talking about performance let me sneak in the following paragraph that talks about the ports.

At the bottom of the Infinix Hot 6 Pro is where all external devices are connected. From the left we have the speaker,  Micro USB port, microphone and finally the 3.5mm headset Jack.

Do you prefer your earphone Jack to be at the bottom or the top of the smartphone? Tell me in the comments section below.

As for the SIM tray it is located at the left and it only accepts two Nano SIM cards an that’s where you place your SD card too.


Face ID

The thought of just picking your phone and it unlocks itself just by looking at it seems like a script from a science fiction movie.  But the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has this feature called Face ID that makes you do exactly that.

Setting up Face ID takes about a minute and you need another security feature like pattern or PIN to verify that it’s your face that the smartphone will be tracing.

In good lighting condition it works perfectly but in low light it struggles to map your face.  When this happens the user has a choice of enabling the front flash. Buy in my opinion it’s easier to use your fingerprint or pattern when in low light conditions.

Good Performance

The Infinix Hot 6 Pro has Hummingbird XOS 3.2 operating system that is based on Google’s’ Android Oreo 8.0.0. The processor is a four core 1.4GHz qualcomm snapdragom chip. And to help it there lies 3GB of RAM all packed inside.


So as far as heat produced goes, all I can say is that its undetectable. If you look for it you will surely find it but it mostly goes undetected even while the screen is on for long periods of time. And as long as you have a 4G SIM, the surfing and social media experiences are something to look forward to when it comes to speed.

As for the camera, I will add another article solely on the camera experience alone.


So in conclusion the Infinix Hot 6 Pro has the following checked.

  • Value for money
  • Big battery capacity
  • Good on performance and speed
  • Potrait mode pictures are awesome
  • Fun using the face ID security feature
  • Big screen advantage

And then finally here is one area I wish Infinix had added to the Hot 6 Pro. Fast Charging, that is the only feature that I wish came with the Hot 6 Pro.