vivo V29 5G Kenya

vivo Introduces V29 5G in Kenya with Innovative Smart Aura Light Portrait and Stunning 120 Hz 3D Curved Screen


Nairobi, Kenya, November 14, 2023: Introducing the latest addition to its flagship V Series, vivo, a renowned technology brand, has officially unveiled its V29 5G smartphone. Now available for purchase in Kenya at the attractive price of KES 64,999, the smartphones carry forward the V Series’ legacy of disrupting the industry with continuous innovation, coupled with modern design advancements and cutting-edge camera functionalities.

vivo V29 5G price in Kenya
vivo V29 5G price in Kenya

3D Curved Screen

The smartphone sports an integrated 120 Hz 3D Curved Screen, setting a new standard for slimmest smartphones in the industry, following the footsteps of the V27 5G. Its design reflects a remarkably sleek aesthetic that introduces significant enhancements in photography capabilities. Among its standout features are the Smart Aura Light Portrait, Supermoon Mode, and Food Mode, complemented by a 50 MP AF Group Selfie feature.

Sharing the thoughts on the launch, James Irungu, the Brand and Communications Manager, said, “vivo’s V series has consistently charmed users with its photography, design, and performance. Grounded in our core principle of Benfen, we push boundaries through research and innovation. The V29 5G embodies this commitment, marking advancements in imaging and design. With confidence, we believe it will redefine mobile photography and reinforce our industry leadership.”

The vivo V29 5G is a powerhouse of design, camera, and performance, with an array of impressive features. Employing an Innovative 3D Magnetic Particle technique for the Peak Blue variant and Fluorite AG Glass for the Nobel Black variant, the sleek aesthetic design is elevated with enamouring textures. The device’s 120 Hz 3D Curved Screen seamlessly melds with an Ultra Slim Aesthetic Design, ensuring an immersive and fascinating visual experience for users. Presenting itself in two striking colour options, Peak Blue and Nobel Black, the V29 5G symbolizes the pinnacle of style and sophistication in the world of smartphones.

It is equipped with a remarkable 50 MP HD Camera (AF) which ensures your group shots and videos are crisp and vibrant. With the added benefits of AF Group Selfie and Super Group Video capabilities, you can capture stunning group selfies and record high-quality videos with ease. The 50 MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Camera, coupled with an 8 MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera and a 2 MP Monochrome Camera, offers versatility in capturing scenes with precision and depth. One notable feature is the Smart Aura Light Portrait, acting as your personal lighting designer. In low-light environments, it intelligently adjusts the colour temperature, illuminating your face beautifully and transforming unevenly lit photos into radiant portraits. It even harmonizes the subject’s face colour temperature with the ambient light, seamlessly blending portraits with their surroundings. Furthermore, the V29 5G introduces captivating camera modes like, Supermoon Mode, and Food Mode, enhancing your photography experience by allowing you to capture stunning celestial scenes, mesmerizing lunar shots, and mouthwatering food photography with ease and brilliance.

80 Watt Flash Charging

Powering the vivo V29 5G is the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G processor, ensuring seamless performance for both work and play. The device is equipped with an 80W FlashCharge that swiftly revitalizes its substantial 4600 mAh Battery. The inclusion of Super Charge Pump technology enhances charging efficiency, reducing downtime. This amalgamation of cutting-edge hardware ensures the V29 5G stays ahead, offering a powerful and efficient smartphone experience.

The vivo V29 5G seamlessly combines beauty and innovation, showcasing both aesthetic elegance and cutting-edge features. With a stunning array of colors and an ultra-slim profile, the phone is a visual delight that captivates at first glance.


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