The Snokor Rocket Z5000 Smartphone Review


When I got the Snokor Rocket phone in that Bright Orange box, someone asked me how much I had bought it for. I answered what do you think as I was inserting the battery and SIM. The answer was triple the amount the Snokor Rocket Z5000 smartphone goes for. I asked around and guys were giving me figures like Twelve thousand, Ten thousand and other figures in that range. But that’s nor the true cost.

For Ksh6,499 these are the cool features you get on the Snokor Rocket


The Snokor Rocket is a big phone for that price because it has a 5.0Inch screen with clearly visible navigation touch areas at the bottom bezel. The bezels are quite slim and the screen fits very well. The phone has a bright screen (if you set it at max) than most models of the same if not higher price range.


3G network is supported with the dual SIM capabilities of the Snokor Rocket. It uses a micro SIM as well as a normal size SIM. That is a very important feature because sometimes its quite challenging and not advisable to try and slip your micro SIM into a normal SIM port.


Storage and Performance

For that price you also get 8GB storage space and 1GB RAM. The Snokor Z5000 rocket is powered by a quad-core 1.2Ghz processor and running on Android 5.1 lollipop.

You can expand the storage with a micro SD card and the SD card slot is placed in such a way that you must remove the battery to insert or remove it. Say goodbye to memory card theft with the Snokor on that good design.


The Snokor comes with quite a number of apps that most people use like twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. All the usual suspects like gmail, chrome browser, google maps and others that come with android are all there. I expected the Carl-care app to be present but it wasn’t there.

Battery and charging

Big 3600mAh battery that supports two days use without charging. Which other phone do you know has that big capacity battery at that price. Whats more fascinating is that the Snokor Z5000 also supports reverse charging. This means that it can charge other phones like a power bank but with a special cable.

Media and music

The Snokor Rocket comes with a stock Android music player but its the speakers that give quite an impression. They produce quality music at an acceptable volume level that can fill a whole room.


Clearing cache to free up memory on the Snokor Rocket is also quite easy,  what you need to do is use the left hand side navigation key and tap on the memory allocation chart that appears.

Where to buy

The only place to buy the Snokor Rocket is at Kilimall online market place. Hurry, you might get a price reduction voucher as a first customer.  In the photo above I was using the Oyster white phone and these are all the colours the Snokor Rocket comes in.


The official customer care service centre for the Snokor Rocket is Carl-care, the same as Tecno and Infinix. That’s because they are all owned by the same company Transsion holdings.


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