Infinix NOTE series with JBL sound

The Next Infinix NOTE smartphone will come with JBL Sound


Infinix debuts prototype collaborated with JBL at CES

Infinix and JBL are collaborating on new smartphones for the first time. The upcoming generation of the Infinix Note series will feature a sound system tuned by JBL.

JBL, which is owned by Samsung, is an audio company known for producing very high-quality sound systems used in Bluetooth speakers, headphones, soundbars, televisions and even vehicles.

In the next generation of Infinix NOTE series, users will have the Infinix experience they expect and love, elevated by the quality and capabilities of the world-renowned brand, JBL.  

Prototype at CES

While the NOTE series will come to market around May 2023, Infinix displayed a prototype in the JBL exhibit at CES, providing the ultimate audio experience with JBL-tuned sound.

The first Infinix Note phones with JBL sound will hit the market in May. The devices are still in the prototype stage – you can see one if you pass by the JBL exhibit at CES.


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