Infinix-NOTE 30 Coming-soon

The new Infinix Note 30 series with 110-Watt Wireless Charging is Coming to Kenya very Soon


The new Infinix Note 30 that will come incorporated with JBL sound will come with Fast charging capabilities as well as a very fast 260-Watt fast charging via cable. I can’t wait to do a charging experiment on both modes on YouTube. Stay tuned for that.

JBL Sound

Users can look forward to an upgraded audio experience in the next generation of Infinix’s NOTE Series, thanks to this exciting new collaboration with JBL. What we don’t know is if the phone will come with a 3.5mm headphone jack port or it eill utlise the USC Type C port for sound. Will it also come with JBL headphones, wired or wireless pair of earphones?

Expected Price In Kenya

The phone will be under $300 so this means that it might cost less than KES 300.


11 thoughts on “The new Infinix Note 30 series with 110-Watt Wireless Charging is Coming to Kenya very Soon”

  1. To put the future in the hands of people want it and who need it most.
    Am using Infinix Hot 12 and sincerely infinix is the best option for everyone koz it got the features that it suppose to have and it’s the best of all.

  2. can’t wait for the wireless charger to launched and get one for myself even if l don’t have the infinix Hot 30Very soon am gonna grab one and enjoy the features of it

  3. This a great innovation by infinix mobiles , indeed this is a magical revolutionary charging I’ve ever heard of.

  4. If there is a permanent solution have ever heard about charging I think this is one of it as we always say the future is now and here it is …can’t wait to have the Note 30 series
    #amchargedup #GameOfNotes

  5. There is no greater victory in the current world like the quest for quick gadgets both in browsing and charging. That’s exactly what Infinix Mobile executes at your comfort.

  6. A gadget worth the wait. Can’t wait to upgrade 🔥 🔥 🔥 #AmChargedUp #TenjeNiInfinix #GameOfNotes

  7. I’m waiting to hold this phone 📱 and feel its Dynamic Beam Design ❤️

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