The TECNO Phantom 9 Is Coming This July


Are you ready for the next Tecno Phantom? The Tecno Phantom 9 will be coming to the Kenyan market in early July. What are your expectations of the new phantom device?

Will it have a dual camera setup like the phantom 8? Although I am hoping and expecting a phantom 9 without a notch.

Only time will tell. I am also expecting the new phantom 9 to match the 6GB RAM value. Just like the Tecno Phantom 8.

Phantom 8 as well as Phantom 6 came with a USB type C connector. Matching those specs from the previous versions will be awesome.

The TECNO Phantom series is about re-defining the premium smartphone experience. With alluring slogans such as “capture your legend” from Phantom 8 to “unleash your vision” rumored for next phantom, this next model will definitely be big!

After taking a brief hiatus, the Phantom series is back. It’s now bigger and better and ready to exceed the complex demands of our customers. We love it when our customers challenge us, and the next Phantom is all about our customers being able to experience more.

The Next Phantom seeks to inspire and expand the vision of what customers should accept as the new standard when it comes to premium mobile photography. The next Phantom will redefine your photography experience and give you a wider perspective about the real depth of your creativity.

It will in addition to this, re-focus your perspective and give you the drive to show-off your true self to the world.

Performance-wise, the next Phantom packs the latest in hardware advancement and the sophistication of AI technology. The finger-print is naturally placed and TECNO has you well covered in the software aspect.

All this will be packed in a compact design that doesn’t struggle to give off a premium impression at first sight. All you now have to do is raise your expectations and get ready for an auroral experience.

The next Phantom is almost here.

Are you ready for the next Phantom?

From Tecno Kenya