The Tecno Camon X Pro Camera Review


The Tecno Camon X pro has a 24MP front camera with flash and a 16MP rear camera with quad flash, that’s 4 LED lights at the back. So how did I find these cameras performance?

Interesting and unusual would be my general conclusion would be that these cameras were surprisingly too good for that price. There were a little setbacks that I will explain at the end of this post but mostly I was impressed.


Before I get into the camera jargon, let me explain the display first. The Camon X Pro has a 2160 X 1080p display which guarantees the user that he/she will see a final product that is as close as possible if not exactly the same as the picture or video through the screen.

To put the above paragraph into perspective I will explain more. I have a camera with a 16MP camera and 10X zoom. This was the type of camera that retracted the lens and encased the lens when not in use. Its a good camera and I love it. The only disadvantage is that it has a 2 inch screen which is not a HD screen.


I have to connect the final product of this camera to my laptop or TV and get amazed at the very detailed and clear pictures and HD videos that the camera can produce. When it comes to the Tecno Camon X Pro the biggest advantage is that you get to see a glimpse of the final product when shooting a video for example.

Video Quality

Lets first check the video samples I shot using the Tecno Camon X Pro.

Both the Front and Back Cameras can shoot videos to a maximum quality of 1080p. The other qualities are 1280 X 720 and 640 X 480


In my opinion the lower quality modes should be removed from the setting a because it would be embarrassing the Camon X Pro when shooting a 480p video using a 24MP or 16MP camera.

Face ID

The Face ID is a new feature that enables the user to unlock the Camon X Pro by using his/her face. For this to work the face has to be scanned first and I recommend doing this in a well lit area preferably natural light. For ladies with hair that covers the ears it would also be better if it as held at the back of your head.

Without the clear camera set up on the Tecno Camon X Pro, the Face ID wouldn’t work.


The rear camera is accompanied by 4 LEDs that act as the flash for taking pictures and videos in low light places. The flash setting s are No Flash, Automatic and Flash ON. In the automatic mode the Camon X Pro decides if the light on the subject is enough or nor and activates the Quad Flash setup accordingly.

The front 24MP camera has a 2 LED setup at the front on the other side of the earpiece away from the front camera.


I’d like to mention that the screen set up really helps with taking selfies because it is a full screen and second my because it’s a full HD screen.

Sample videos

I recently shot a video using the Tecno Canon X Pro and you can check it here. It’s more of a stationary camera setup where I mounted the Canon X Pro on the tripod and shot the video. The result was impressive because I kept switching the light ON and OFF and the resultant video quality was not affected that much.