Tecno Camon 15 Pre-Order Will Get You A Back Pack And A Voucher


The Tecno CAMON 15 pre-order is ongoing in selected TECNO MOBILE stores and here is some good news. To qualify for a pre-order, the client will pay Ksh 2000 as a deposit for the phone and get a backpack.

When buying the phone, the client will pay Ksh 2000 less which was deposited initially. Once the payment has been made the customer will receive a Tusky’s shopping voucher worth Ksh 1000 almost immediately.

A New technology TAIVOS™ support TECNO CAMON 15 for ultra -night shot

Ask any photography lovers the question: what the hardest shots to get right on their phones and you’ll hear about night shots. Although camera technology advances and our smartphones can do more of what we expect from standalone digital cameras, night-time photography is still a challenging frontier for mobile phones, even with new image-enhancing algorithms that helps reduce limitations, the majority of users still struggle to take that perfect night shot.

Recent reports have indicated that the upcoming launch of the TECNO CAMON 15 series will be armed with a new technology trademarked TAIVOS™, short for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution. It’s reported that a dedicated microprocessor will work together with AI algorithms to do one job: significantly enhance night-time photography – processes and challenges by making images clearer, enhancing night shots, and overall improvement through high-performance imaging algorithm capabilities.


TAIVOS™ enables up to 15-frame synth, with an imaging time of just 4.68 seconds while most other smartphones only achieve this in 5.5 seconds or even 7 seconds. The photographs shot with TAIVOS™ are built from a composite of 15 image frames that can be analyzed and recombined pixel-for-pixel, vividly capturing each element in your scenes with optimal contrast. This technology really pays off for all-day photo-taking lovers including night shots, since evening shades naturally tend to run together and darken after nightfall.

According to analysis, TAIVOS™ also helps improve other photo effects with its ability to increase the sharpness and brightness in digital image signals. When the user is combining cutting-edge camera hardware and powerful algorithms, TAIVOS™ is the missing link that gets them working together to deliver impressive results.  

TAIVOS™ is built to work at a system-level that enables next-generation imaging performance. Even in moderately dim rooms, having a camera that can filter out unwanted noise from your photos offers a serious performance edge. Regardless of the possible photographic spectrum you might find yourself snapping shots on, TAIVOS™ is designed to react quickly to your surroundings to help isolate and enhance the elements you want to capture, thanks to its ability to support algorithms for AI image enhancement.

With TAIVOS™ and a SONY chip, will the TECNO CAMON 15 rise to become the true king of the camera phone?