Tecno Camon 12 Camera Review


As you already know there are 3 cameras at the back of the Tecno Camon 12. In order they are a 2MP, 16MP and 8MP. I’m sure you are curious to know what each camera does. The fourth circle in the featured image is the flash. Therefore this brings the number of circles at the back to four. Add another one to make five. That’s the fingerprint scanner.

The camera with the blue ring around it is the 16MP camera.

When it comes to shooting videos, there are 3 video quality settings to choose from. and that is 480P, 720P and 1080P.

Video Shots

I compiled a few video clips shot with the Tecno Camon 12. I tries to get in as many situations as possible.

By default the 16MP shooting at 1X zoom is selected. The resolution being 1080p.


It is very hard to prove that the 2 megapixel camera works but it does. For the other cameras its was easy. I Just selected a mode and put my finger on the camera. But it does work in conjunction with the other two cameras.

The 2MP camera is used to take the blurry picture behind the subject in Bokeh Mode. This highlights the subject more than the background. So Bokeh Mode uses a dual camera setup.

Bokeh Mode


The 16 megapixel camera is the main camera in the Tecno Camon 12. It is used to take photos and videos in 1X zoom as well as extended zoom. The maximum zoom on the Camon 12 is 8X. Its also the camera selected when shooting AR shot photos as well as Panorama pictures.


Being the last camera, the 8MP camera is used for shooting Macro images as well as videos. It is also the camera used while shooting wide angle photos as well as videos.

Macro shooting is done with the subject being as close as 10 cm to the camera lens. The macro feature also shoots in a wide angle. Great for claymation beginners.


You had not better try more than 2X zoom. The more zoom selected the worse the picture gets. You can see it at 3:07 on my video shots.

I found that the cameras are indeed very good when it comes to taking stiill photos. But when it comes to taking videos there is an issue. And that is the shaking auto focus. The videos hot usually have a shaky auto focus effect even if the conditions were not changing. I am speaking about the same light conditions without moving subjects in the shot.

Last but not least there is the AR shots feature. This is something that I would want the owner to discover for themselves. It is a feature that takes fun pictures with cartoon overlays. It is fun when you are bored.