OLX Kenya to launch new lighter and faster app


OLX Kenya will in a few days launch a new better local classifieds app and website too. The new app and website will have a new base code totally different from the previous versions so there will be nothing like an upgrade. Users will have to delete the previous app and install the new lighter one.

The new app will be lighter so will not require a lot of MBs to download it. Also because its lighter it will not require a lot of data to browse and check out things you want to buy.

OLX Kenya country manager Peter Ndiang’ui said “The new platform is much lighter and so allows for less data requirements so that means the app is cheaper to download.” He went on to say “The name of this migration is Serengeti”

New features

  • Mobile Number login

Mobile number driven login as opposed to email login will enable the new system to detect patterns for easy fraud detection and prevention.

  • OLX Chat

Reply to advertisements you’re interested in, and chat with buyers directly from the NEW OLX app. OLX will keep all your messages in one place so it’s easy to seal the deal and set up a meeting.

This allows a buyer to chat with the seller in real time if he/she is also online. If the seller is not online then there will be an option for the potential buyer to text him or her. 

So if you were browsing through the new OLX app and wanted to contact an offline seller, there will be an SMS option whereby the app itself will take you to your messaging app to compose an new message (with the number already inserted).

You don’t have to waste time manually writing  down the phone number and typing it in a new SMS.

  • Better user interface

The new platform will allow for flexibility of various devices.

At the moment this is how the OLX Kenya website looks like where users have to scroll all the way down past categories. OLX wants to get rid of that for an easy to use non-scroll-able home page.


This is how the Tanzanian OLX Website looks like and  how the Kenyan website will look like too.


These are screenshots of the old OLX Kenya app and the newer app (in this case the Ugandan app)

IMG_20151006_102953  IMG_20151006_102934

In this project named Serengeti (after the wild beast migration) OLX Kenya Country manager Peter Ndiang’ui said the the biggest challenge they are facing is telling new users to delete the old application and install the new one. When asked how they are going to tackle the problem he said “we are starting with low volume traffic areas  and communication with new areas”

At the moment Uganda has migrated to the new platform with an app only and Tanzania has also migrated too with both the app and website. Once Kenya starts migration I will update you.


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