4 Must Have Accessories For Your Laptop Computer


Laptops are one of the best computer innovation the Tech industry has ever seen. But all the characteristics of the laptop that make it great are the same that cause the biggest disadvantages.  Due to their compact size laptops don’t have great sound, can be stolen very easily and let’s not forget the touch pad because it’s not that great. But here are the 4 must have laptop accessories that will make your work and life much easier.

  1. Wireless Mouse

There is nothing like getting used to mouse pads on laptops, that’s why wireless mouse controllers are a must have. You don’t have to worry about tripping on the cable and sending your laptop crashing to the floor like with a USB mouse. A wireless mouse works by using Bluetooth technology. All you need is to insert the small USB dongle provided and have fresh batteries in the Mouse itself.

  1. Wireless Keyboard

Like a wireless mouse the wireless keyboard works using the same principles. It’s much faster to type on a normal keyboard than on a laptop keyboard. If you want you can buy both a wireless keyboard and mouse that use the same USB dongle. I must admit that I own a pair and it’s perfect for playing video games at home. I just connect my laptop to the TV and everything else is done wirelessly from a distance without crouching on the laptop screen. There is no delay whatsoever but if the keyboard battery starts losing power, it’s not quite a pleasant thing. My wireless keyboard uses one Size AA battery for a whole month.

  1. Bluetooth media player

No matter how sweet the manufacturer advertises only laptop speakers, we all know they are not that very good especially for music and videos playback. They will use terms like Dolby, stereo, powerful. There are Bluetooth speakers that would shame any laptop speakers. Just pair it with your laptop and you are ready to go. Again Here I am advocating for a wireless device. It’s not that there are no USB speakers it’s just that they drain your battery much faster and can only work on computers only. With a Bluetooth media player you get much more functionality like USB and SD card playback plus its portable and you can also use it on your phone too.

If you work in an environment that requires silence then go for a Bluetooth headset. You can get the 3 items above here

Also check from your laptop user manual for the Bluetooth version because older models wont support the bluetooth media pairing feature.

  1. Kensington Lock

The Kensington laptop lock is the best anti-theft device there is. If you check your laptop well you will find that one slot that has no use. It’s a rectangular slot that the Kensington lock should be attached.  It has a long and strong steel rubber coated cable that can be wound on anything permanent.

The Kensington lock prevents snatch and run thefts of unattended laptops. You can even strap the cable to your belt to avoid snatch and run thieves in the streets.