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Enjoy 100 Days Free Screen Replacement With The itel A37


As a stamp of approval on its own products, itel has announced that buyers of the itel A37 will get free replacements if the phones develop any issues within the first 100 days. This is quite interesting as we rarely see this move from most smartphone manufacturers as most of them just have the warranty period and that’s it. For itel, the 100-day free replacement period is not there as a replacement but to compliment the 12 months warranty it guarantees with every device it sells.

Carlcare Service

So, if you buy the device and it breaks down within the first 100 days, just take it back to them (through Carlcare) and get it replaced. You will get a replacement of the same model you purchased. With this sort of assurance, you have the peace of mind that the phone you are buying is going to last you long as the company is willing to replace it with a new one in case something happens.

When you get a replacement device, the same deal applies and you qualify to get a replacement device if the new one breaks. As for the warranty, it will be activated for the new one when you activate it for you to get the full 12 months.

Sounds like a deal? Then you may want to check out the four itel devices I have mentioned above through retail shops across the country.


There are terms or situations when the replacement deal isn’t applicable in, they are;

  • Software faults, which can be resolved by a software update
  • Unauthorized disassemble or repair.
  • If the battery bin stickers or warranty sticker have been removed or defaced, indistinct or unrecognizable
  • Physical damage caused by accident or human behavior, such as liquid damage {Waterproof label is red), scratches, cracks, dents, fragmentation, over-extrusion, deformation etc.
  • If the warranty certificate is altered or does not match product type.
  • Damages caused by misuse or improper maintenance, damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, fire, earthquake or other external cause.
  • Faulty accessories such as headphone, charger, data line & battery.
  • If 100 days have passed since the device was activated.

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