Can the Infinix Zero 3 Smartphone Really Shoot 4K Videos?


The Infinix Zero 3 is now very famous for its 20.7MP Sony camera. With dual LED Flash the Infinix Zero 3 is said to be capable of shooting 4K videos. If you haven’t heard or seen the Infinix Zero 3, here is the Infinix Zero 3 Full review. So can the Infinix Zero 3 really shoot 4K videos? Lets find out, but first:-

What is 4K

This is a video format that will replace Full High Definition in the near future. 4K videos contain more data than Full HD or SD videos making them consume more space on a Hard-disk and bandwidth while streaming via the internet. 4K videos are more clear than Full HD videos.

Playing 4K Videos

In order to play 4K videos, you need a 4K enabled TV, commonly known as 4K Ultra High Definition TVs or UHD TV. A 4K TV area is 4 times that of a Full HD screen. This means that a 4K picture is 4 times much more clear and vivid than a Full HD TV. If you have watched a Full HDTV showing Full HD content, then you know how clear it is. Now 4K is 4 times much clearer than that.

Now you know where the 4 comes from. Read more about Ultra High Definition TVs. Here is a comparison of HDTV resolutions.

  • 4K Resolution- 3840X2176
  • Full HD Resolution 1920X1080
  • HD Ready Resolution 1280X720

Thanks to Samuel at the LG Shoppe at Westlands, Nairobi for making this video a success. By now you probably know the answer. It’s true, the Infinix Zero 3 can shoot 4K Videos. Here is the proof


The Infinix Zero 3 shoots 4K videos and saves them in the 3gp format. I don’t know why the developers chose this format over mp4 which is somewhat a universal video format. The 4K videos can play on the Infinix Zero 3 but like I said in the review, not with the 4K quality. That’s because the Infinix Zero 3 has a Full HD screen. Don’t take this like a disadvantage because that crisp clear Full HD screen makes other smartphones seem like from the stone age.

What about VLC Media player

It played the Full HD videos comfortably but froze completely on the 4K Video. It even made my computer hang. I had to restart it to get it going.  VLC was on a laptop computer with the following specifications – Core i3 and 4GB RAM on Windows 10 OS.

More on the LG OLED TV

First of all the term OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. These are special diodes that emit light at a specific colour to form an image. OLED TVs are brighter than the flat panel LCD TVs with LED back-lights plus they have the ability of showing a true dark area. This video shows the huge difference between an LED and an OLED TV.

The building block of an OLED TV is the Red, Blue, Green and White light emitting Diode. This makes the dark areas have literary “absence of light” to show a true black colour.

The TV that could decode the Infinix 4K videos was the 65EG960T. Its a 65 Inch Curved OLED 4K TV. I am tempted to tell you how much it costs, but you have to watch the full video for that surprise.

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  1. 1.2m is too much for a 65 inch bwana…sony OLED retails at 580k at ebrahims same inches

      1. sony are known to be expensive and better in quality. i was comparing the two. LG is inferior to sony

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