Infinix Note 8

Pre-Order The Infinix Note 8 & Note 8i For Only Ksh.3000


The Infinix Note 8 and Not 8i will be the latest addition in the Infinix’s NOTE Series, the brand’s flagship model targeting the mid-to-high end market segment.  The new NOTE is rumored to be powered by an upgraded processor that makes it incredibly fast and ensures that the phone provides a comprehensive strong and smooth all-round performance.

Pre -Order

Infinix Note 8 Pre order details
Pre Order details

The week-long Pre-Order period for the upcoming Infinix Note 8| 8i will run from Monday the 12th of October to Friday the of 25th October. You can pre-order a Note 8| 8i with a deposit of only Kshs 3,000 and walk away with a gift worth Kshs 5,000.

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I’ve had early access to the Infinix Note 8 and here is my first impressions video and article too.

A Next Generation All Round Elite Phone

Infinix Note 8 big display

“Infinix’s new flagship NOTE smartphone has been designed and developed with current and future everyday challenges in mind.  Ensuring that its users can rely on it for extended periods while on the move.  Be it keeping in touch with the latest news or stock market movements or achieving that top score in your favorite mobile game.  Infinix developers have made sure all these can be served at “ultra-speed,” an insider close to the company elaborated.


Infinix Note 8 excellent performance

Looking at what’s under the hood of this new NOTE, leaks have revealed a high-performance MediaTek  chipset this comes at the perfect time with video conferencing becoming the norm for meetings, presentations and conferences in the current global situation. The rumored chipset is said to be able to power a smooth feeling, and uninterrupted experience could be supported by the new battery, ensuring that users don’t lose out on those all important business conversations and updates.

Fast Charging

Infinix Note 8 big battery capacity

For that uninterrupted performance while on the go, a fast charging, massive battery with super long endurance coupled with power marathon tech embedded in the device will keep the phone going for hours on end.  The upcoming phone is said to target users who want the better things in life, where a fast, reliable and uninterrupted mobile experience is something that is non-negotiable.

For users who want that long lasting and fast gaming experience, as well as the ability to be creative in your photo or video production, NOTE 8 seems to have those needs covered. With these attributes in mind, it seems like the new NOTE is not only the rightful successor to its reputable NOTE series, but also an elite smart phone for Infinix to tempt high-end consumers who want to upgrade their smartphones to a whole new level.

Infinix Note 8 time saving shortcut