Infinix Note 5 Unboxing And First Impressions


Infinix Note 5 Unboxing And First Impressions

The Infinix Note 5 is the first ever Infinix device to come with the Android one flavour of one beloved android operating system. Tecno had their Spark 2 as their first Android one device and which is a very good smartphone by the way, cheap and functional.

Android one is a typeof Operating system that is close to stock android but not quite. The advantage of having Android one  going forward is that the updates will be coming faster than before ans this applies to th security patches as well.

For first impressions, the Note 5 didn’t come with the XOS operating system that we are so used to in Infinix devices. What we get is the Android One operating system.


There is absolutely no bloatware on this device. All applications on unboxing the Infinix Note 5 were directly from google. These are apps like gmail, YouTube, chrome, photos, camera, phone, messaging  and obviously playstore among others.

You have to intall the apps you want. For example, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and maybe Quora. I just had t sneak Quora in there too. I love reading Quora answers. There is absolutely no game installed on this device so for its first use its actually fun looking for apps to download. Thats if you set it up as a new device.

This also means that the Advertisement app on the Infinix app drawer is absent. Definitely some good news. The apps on the magazine screen lock are also missing. That is because the Infinix Note 5 doe not actually have the magazine screen lock feature.

Enjoy my un-boxing video below


What is inside the box
-Infinix Note 5 smartphone
-Fast charger
-Micro USB cable
-Free silicone phone case
-Free screen protector
-SIM ejector tool

-6 Inch full screen
-12MP Rear camera
-16MP Front camera
-4500mAh battery
-32GB Storage
-2.0 GHz octa core processor
-Android One device
-Runs on Android Oreo 8.1.0


This is a screen recording of the Infinix Note 5. Get to see the user interface and the various settings that the Infinix Note 5 has. You will also get to see that there is absolutely no bloatware here. The only apps I have downloaded are AZ Screen recorder and Twitter.

The Infinix Note 5 retails for Ksh17,939 or an equivalent of roughly 180USD.