Infinix hot 8 battery showing with back cover removed

Infinix Hot 8 Battery Drain Test


The Infinix hot 8 has a 5000mAh battery. How long does it take to drain all its juice? In this article you will learn a few facts about the Infinix Hot 8 battery. How much time does it also take to charge? These questions will be answered here.

The battery pack is non removable for the user. Only a professional with the correct tools can access the battery pack. To access the battery, the SIM tray must first be removed and a special plastic tool used to remove the back cover.

The Infinix Hot 8 has a massive full screen with a dot notch at the top. Now the reason people are searching the internet and buying this smartphone is because of its big battery. Add the 3GB RAM and 32GB storage and you get the perfect budget smartphone.

Infinix Hot 8 Lithium Ion battery BL-49FX
Infinix Hot 8 Lithium Ion battery

Test Drain

My drain test started on Tuesday 12th November at 2:06pm at full charge. On my twitter account I have been tracking the battery charge. Click the link below and track as the battery level goes to zero.


As of writing this article the charge was at 34% on Thursday 14th at 1:08pm. Click on either tweet embed and follow the progress.


The test is complete and I used the Infinix Hot 8 for 2 days 9 hours and 45 minutes to get to 5% battery charge. The screen usage time was 15 hours and 53 minutes.


Charging Time

The charging animation is one area I had hoped Infinix would add in the Hot 8. For some reason the flashy charging animation on the screen is missing. The only indication of charging is a dim light on the front flash.

I am working on a video that will compare the charging time. The other smartphone will be the Infinix Note 4 which has fast charging. The packaging on the Hot 8 claims that it has fast charging. We will find out by tomorrow on Friday the 15th.

Battery Lab

The Battery Lab application holds all the data about the battery in the Hot 8. This application can be accessed through the settings and it has 3 main categories. The first one is AI Smart Power saving which learns the users habit in order to restrict battery juice to rarely used apps. This in turn increases the battery life.

The second feature is AI power consumption management. This feature allows the user to set the restrictions on battery juice consumption. App smart power saving mode is the default on most applications although the user can set it to no restrictions.

Infinix Hot 8 AI Power consumption management

Lastly the battery usage feature plots a graph of how the battery drain is occurring. Also on this screen is the list of apps that are using the battery the most. The image below says I still have 1 day and 1 hour left.

Infinix Hot 8 battery lab application

ThAt 25% the device usage shows that the screen is the heaviest battery user. WiFi and Mobile network come in second at 6%.



The Infinix Hot 8 comes with a 5 Volts, 2 Ampere charger. Those specifications are not of a fast charger. From my experience a fast charger has two operating voltages. The smartphone then chooses between the two according to the battery charge. This reduced the charging time tremendously.

The 2 Ampere Infinix Hot 8 charger
The 2 Ampere Infinix Hot 8 charger

From a few paragraphs above I mentioned that The Infinix Note 4 has fast charging that woks. Lets wait and see which device will charge faster than the other.

The charging cable quality has also improved from the flat cable to a rounded one. The previous types of cables had a problem with dirt because of the large surface area they had.

That is all I have to say about the Infinix Hot 8 battery and charging. I made a video version of this article that includes the charge comparison test.

For Kenyan readers there is an Infinix Hot 8 promotion going on.


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