Infinix Hot 2 [X510] Review, First Android One device in Kenya


Google recently launched the Android One device in Kenya in partnership with Infinix Mobility. I have with me the Infinix Note 2 courtesy of Infinix Mobility for a review and here we go.

Android One phones are as a result of Google from design, development and support but the manufacturing  is done by the Original Equipment Manufacturer which in this case is Infinix Mobility.

First impressions

The Infinix Note 2 is a very slender, very light and stylish phone. At a first glance just like all Infinix phones you can’t tell the brand name like other brands. I have the black Infinix X510 but it’s also available in White and Gold too. The USB port and earphone jack are at the top while the speaker port is at the bottom.

The user interface is unique and different from other Infinix phones because its provided by Google. Its simple to learn and updates come from Google itself and not Infinix so you are sure any Stage-fright attacks will not be coming your way. The Infinix Hot 2 runs on 5.1.1 Android lollipop.

Physical features

The Infinix Hot 2 has a 5.0 Inch IPS 720X1280 pixels which is clear for gaming and photos too. Talking of photos the main back camera is 8MP with Flash while the front camera is 2MP.


The following photo of the accessories was taken using the main 8MP camera and as you can see the details are very clear. For this I had to insert a memory card for the storage.



5.0 Inch screen

1.3Ghx Quadcore processor


8MP main camera with flash and 2MP  front camera.

16GB storage – expandable to 32GB

2200mAh battery

Twin micro SIM



User Interface

Like I mentioned earlier the Infinix Hot 2 is developed by Google and so the user interface is also different from the other Infinix phones too.  From the box all apps were from Google except the Jumia shopping app and others. Noticeably missing was a File manager app which I downloaded from the play store.

Navigation is by 3 icons at the bottom with the middle dot one accessing the home screen, the right box opens the multi-tasking page while the triangle one is used for going back and hiding the keyboard. Talking o keyboard I like the way the letters are spaces because together with the touch sensitivity it minimizes wrong key press.

Here are a few screen shots from the Infinix Hot 2.

Screenshot_2015-09-22-10-56-35[1]  Screenshot_2015-09-27-15-16-10  Screenshot_2015-09-27-15-11-49


Battery and charging

The 2200mAh removable battery is enough to last you for a busy day if you use the phone conservatively although in my opinion it  could have a bigger capacity. There is no fast charging mode so you have to wait the duration of time it gives you until full charge. The other great thing like all other Infinix phones is the detachable USB cable that you can always carry for faster content transfer and extra charging too.

Summary and availability 

In conclusion the Infinix Hot 2 is a phone worthy of your cash. You will need to spend some extra on a memory card and install a file manager app but that’s it. For Ksh8,999 its a good deal from Google in partnership with Infinix Mobility.

The Infinix Hot 2 is available only on Jumia.


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