Infinix Hot 10

The New HOT 10 by Infinix – Unlimited Fun!


The most powerful gaming and entertainment Smartphone to date has been unveiled today by premium online-driven smartphone brand, Infinix. Bigger, faster and longer lasting, the new HOT 10 is designed for and targeting the youth market, made up of Generation Z’s and Millennials. Encased in a shining new geometric design that is sleek and stylist, the new device is set to provide users with unlimited fun, unlimited entertainment and unlimited possibilities.

The new HOT 10 comes in 4 mesmerizing color designs such as, Obsidian Black, Ocean Wave, Amber Red and Moonlight Jade all at a favorable the price range of Ksh 13,999.

More Power For Unlimited Fun

For the first time in the HOT series, the new phone will have the powerful MediaTek Helio G70 with MediaTek Hyper Engine Game Technology chip, giving it a 123% upgrade on single CPU frequency and a 64% upgrade on the Multi CPU frequency compared with the previous HOT version. The excellent fluency and stability provided by the MediaTek Helio G70 chip will give users the experience of “Extreme Speed” as they immerse themselves in game play freely, anytime anywhere.

MediaTek HyperEngine Game Technology ensures your smartphone always keeps up with you. It features an intelligent resource management engine that ensures sustained performance and longer gameplay Intelligent, dynamic management of CPU, GPU and memory according to active measurements of power, thermal and gameplay factors. Smoother performance in heavy loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay.

Enhanced power efficiency and connectivity enhancements for even longer and uninterrupted gameplay. Together with its larger screen, the HOT 10 has all the makings of a top choice for game lovers.

Unparallel Immersive Game Play And Video Viewing

Bringing users more screen space with a new large 6.78-inch screen, the new HOT 10 boasts a resolution of up to 720×1640 together with an Infinity-O display. This treats users to a bigger vision and greater horizon for their viewing pleasure, greatly enhancing the entertainment and game play experience. What’s more, the
6.78 inch display screen is only 9 mm thick, providing a comfortable feel for users.

Infinix Hot 10
HOT 10’s back is crafted with laser engraving to create a visual perception of interlaced light and shadow

Long Battery Duration

Say farewell to embarrassing low power shutdowns, as the new HOT 10 will have a large upgraded 5200mAh battery. The battery potential (i.e. the battery life) has also been improved through hardware technology – Infinix’s unique hardware power-saving technology, power marathon tech – to ensure long
battery life.

And the results of countless experiments in Infinix’s battery lab – the phone’s battery is able to have an effective capacity of no less than 80% even after 800 charge and discharge circulations. That is equivalent to the number of times a phone would be charged by users in a span of 2-3 years.

With this innovation, users can count on a reliable and consistent performance regardless of how long they are in-game or binge watching.

Direct your own shoots with the help of AI

The new HOT 10 comes with impressive hard and software in the camera department. Its high-resolution 8MP wide-angled front camera is paired with AI smart beautification where you can be your own director, shooting how you wish and letting technology do the rest.

Its 16MP quad rear camera comes with a super night view mode, making even the dimmest subject shine under magnificently. Users will also be pleasantly surprised with the auto picture correction function that will clear up those rush
shots, so no more worries over blurry pictures during those magic photo moments.
The HOT 10 also has a 40mm macro camera making it easy to grasp the subtleties of the view and restore the sense of details.

Cinematic Quality Sound

A truly immersive audio experience awaits users in the new phone, thanks to DTS audio processing technology. This will allow users to level up the sound effect for their enjoyment and even personalized sound effects to better enjoy the audio experiences while watching their favorite movies or listening to music or gaming.

Dual Mode Security Protection For Your Phone

The HOT 10 also offers both facial recognition and fingerprint unlock functions to allow users to access their phones seamlessly. This dual protection provides users with an easy unlock alternative, especially when users have their masks on during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The rear fingerprint unlock function also takes
into account users’ mobile grasping habit, making it intuitive and allowing photos to be taken when there’s a need to take a quick snap.

We are very proud to bring you the latest in the HOT series. The HOT 10 is indeed designed for a smarter life, especially with the XOS 7.0. The XOS7.0 features a new visual design with trendy and rich color to enhance excellent user experience. It is not only combined with intelligent features such as Smart Scanner,
Ear-sensor Receiver, Ulife etc., but also boasts outstanding performance and the latest native android features. We are confident that both our fans and new users will be amazed by the HOT 10’s power in terms of both hardware and software. It will certainly provide them with unlimited fun and possibilities!”

Mike Zhang , brand manager, Kenya


HOT 10 will be available nationally in 2 variants HOT 10, Ksh 13,999 RRP and HOT 10 Lite Ksh 10,499 RRP in Infinix outlets countrywide.

Specifications of the HOT 10:

ITEMHot 10Hot 10 Lite
Screen6.79 HD+Punch Hole6.78HD
PlatformMediatek Helio G70Mediatek Helio A20
R-Camera16MP Quad camera with night shot13MP triple camera
HOT 10 Specifications