Infinix XOS Android 13 Road map

2022 Infinix Devices to get XOS 13 which is based on Android 13


There’s some exciting news for 2022 Infinix Model holders. You will be upgraded to Android 13 very soon. The update will come inform of XOS 13 which is already available on the latest Infinix NOTE 30 VIP.

Among the devices to be upgraded to Android 13 Include Infinix NOTE 12, NOTE 12 Pro 5G, Zero 5G 2023, ZERO Ultra and Zero 20.

The Infinix NOTE 12 will get the update in June while the NOTE 12 Pro 5G will get it in July and lastly Zero 5G 2023, ZERO Ultra and Zero 20 will get it in August 2023.

Infinix XOS roadmap

How To Update

Upgrading to Android 13 is very easy. Just go to your settings. Select System and then System Update. After this select Online Update. If an update is available, it will start downloading.

Update Infnix XOS Android 13 Process
Quick Upgrade guide

Will I loose my data

No. All your photos, videos and documents will remain intact. There is no loss of data.

Rooted Devices

Please don’t try and update if you have rooted your device. Chances are that your device might get destroyed.


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