Tecno Kenya Visits Embu And Donates Food Stuff Worth 1.4 Million

Tecno Mobile Kenya visited Embu and donated food stuff worth 1.4 Million. This was the 3rd and the last CSR that Tecno did from the time they started. It started with Isiolo, then Kajiado and finally Embu.
Tecno’s visit to Embu was advised by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Honorble Justin Muturi where they also donated 20 tablets to the students there.
TECNO finaly got to conduct its 3rd and last food donation for the quarter. The climax of their CSR was held in Embu this  Saturday. TECNO has been working hard this last couple of months to help out those people who had been struck by drought this year an this weekend we visited the people of  Kanyuambora, Embu.
The are while not as badly struck by drought as some of the areas that we visited earlier (Kajiado and Isiolo), it was still in need of food. TECNO Mobile always endeavors to give back to the community which has given them so much.
The drought has affected the area that is predominantly made up of farmers who depend mostly on their farms for their daily feed. This is coupled with the aged population that is found in this area who can’t fend for themselves during this time. It is with this in mind that the speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Justin Muturi invited TECNO mobile to visit and help the people of Kanyuambora.
The trip was successful as TECNO Mobile did manage to distribute foodstuffs worth Kshs. 1.4 Million to the people in need.
Tecno Kenya would like to say thank you to all Kenyans for their support as they made this project a reality by buying either CX or CX air!!