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Hotpoint Kenya & LG Are Not The Same


There is not a single Hotpoint sub-woofer, DVD Player, Decoder that was manufactured by LG Electronics Giant from Korea. I think I have cleared the air with those two sentences. This post is a reply to the person who asked me “What is the connection between Hotpoint and LG?” I get the confusion because if you search for the term LG Electronics in Google, among the first result will be from the Hotpoint Kenya website. Furthermore LG Electronics and Hotpoint products are usually placed close together on the supermarket shelves. The warranty card offered on LG products also has Hotpoint Kenya contacts on it.

Hotpoint Kenya?

Hotpoint was established in 1984 and was located and is still located at Sarit Centre Shopping Mall in Westland’s Nairobi. Hotpoint Kenya is the largest retailer of Consumer Electronics and Appliances.  Hotpoint Kenya apart from selling also has service centres that are stocked with spare parts directly from the manufacturers. Apart from the Sarit center main offices, Hotpoint Kenya has other service centres one located behind the parking lot of the Sarit centre, the other one on Mombasa road near General motors, the other one is in Mombasa near Nakumatt Likoni. Hotpoint deals with a number of companies namely LG, Ariston, Ocean, Domestic, Simfer, Braun, Westinghouse DeLonghi, CP Plus, Kenwood , Westpoint, and the newest member Hotpoint. In deal I mean they sell their products and also offer after sales service, repair and installations.

LG Electronics Kenya

LG Kenya is comprised of two parts, the marketing team and the service centre team. The marketing team is located at Hanover Tower Block, 4th floor Off Riverside Drive. You will find the official offices comprising of the HR team and the sales guys there. There is also a very big LG Air Conditioning Academy on the same building.

LG Televisions on display

The service centre is located at Highway Mall on Mombasa Road in Nairobi. This is where the customer information centre, CIC is located; all calls to the toll free number 0800545454 are received here. The service centre provides customers with purchase advice, product and warranty information, repair services, and sale of accessories and parts. You can buy an original LG remote control here instead of buying a fake one in Town.

The free service clinic team is also based here. Before it was Hotpoint Kenya that carried out these free service clinics but after LG set up base in 2010, they demanded their bus and now they cover the country with this bus carrying out free service to LG products only. Some of the staff that works at the LG service centre also came from Hotpoint Kenya.


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