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By now you already know that the current Coca cola slogan is #TasteTheFeeling. You have also seen the TV adverts on the same. Now today I will show you how to make Coca Cola GIF images to capture your feeling. GIFs are very common nowadays such that twitter has a whole GIF section.  Coca cola GIF’s can be made for from the Taste the feeling website

Its fun to make GIFs on the coca cola website because it doesn’t consume a lot of time and the end result can be shared on Facebook or Twitter or even downloaded into your device.

Creating GIFs on a desktop is very easy. This is one example of a GIF that I made in less than a minute. The more creative you are the better your GIF is.

Feeling Magical

The Coca Cola taste the feeling website is an interactive platform with videos on a loop with the theme song playing non stop. There are icons all round like a clock and you can select one, type a feeling and that’s it. The choice to share it on social media or downloading it is up to you. Here is another GIF that I made.

Feeling Refreshed

From a couple of other animated pictures I made I noticed the average size of the #TasteTheFeeling GIFs is around 4MB. Trying is free but make sure you are on WiFi or have like enough data bundles to start with. Computers as well as smartphones work very well in creating GIF images.

The bigger the screen the better the experience is. So it is much more enjoyable to use a tablet or laptop.

Browser Compatibility

The Taste the Feeling GIF online creation tool works on different modern browsers, even Internet explorer works too. Mozilla and Chrome are the best browsers because they load the video much faster.

From a smartphone view, the website only works in landscape mode. Tilting the phone in landscape mode wont do it, make sure the Auto rotate feature is enabled too.  The only disadvantage of using a smartphone is the screen size but the greatest advantage is that you get to share it from the back ground using Twitter and Facebook apps.

The only browser I noticed that didn’t work at all was the much beloved Opera Mini browser. With its high end data saving mode, it was difficult to even get the video to play.

What about copyright?

It would have been better for Coca cola to put a phrase on the website quoting the most important copyright terms.

But they have a link describing all that. Click here to read the terms.

All terms are important but note that you cannot use the GIFs created for business use. In other word its not allowed to make money from the images produced.



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