What Free To Air Satellite Enthusiasts Will Never Tell You As A Beginner


What Free to Air gurus and enthusiasts will never tell you as a Free to Air Beginner! Most Free to Air Installers, gurus and enthusiasts will never tell you the following things about Free to Air TV reception. I don’t know why but if they tell you before you buy the equipment, then you may never install it but if you install it, then it is usually worth every cent. Is the following list true or false? Some of the answers to these mysteries you may have as a beginner in the Free to Air Satellite business. I had to learn the hard way but take a breathe because I have all the secrets.

  • First you will get much more foreign content than local content. This is true, it is what every newbie wants; to get away from boring local TV stations. The foreign content is almost from every part of this globe. You will receive channels from USA, Britain, Germany, France, China, South Africa, Iran, UAE, Nigeria, Israel, Kuwait, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries
  • Not all channels you will receive are in English. You as an English speaking person will receive channels speaking in Chinese, Zulu, Arabic, Chinese, Hindu, Hebrew etc. But do not worry some foreign content is in English or in a language you will not understand with English subtitles. If you can speak and read French then you are at an advantage because there quite a number of french channels.
  • You will receive Channels with Movies and series in English but you will never understand any of the content in the commercial breaks. That is because it will be in another language.
  • Some of the best channels have strange subtitles.
  • Religious channels dominate some satellite positions. This you can find out at www.lyngsat.com. It is just not only one satellite but a number of them. With satellite some churches get more viewers from across the globe. Some of the Christian religious channels you can receive are God TV, Emmanuel TV, Starcross and Angel TV among very many others.
  • Some channels are scrambled for no reason at all. Through lyngsat you will be able to get to some of the TV stations websites and you will ask yourself why they are scrambled. For example why is Walf TV from Senegal scrambled? They speak French in Senegal so to an English speak.
  • You need considerable amount of space to install an offset (C band) dish. This is obvious. Read about the differences between prime focus and offset dishes here. You can also read about the difference between Ku band and C band here.
  • You will get very few local channels on one satellite If you are in Kenya. It seems like the Kenyan TV stations have not yet fully understood the advantages of FTA satellite like the Arab countries have.
  • Reliable Football content is not for free but if you pay, you pay cheaply and get value for money. Operators like Bein Sports formerly Al Jazeera Sports offer a much better price.

This you will find out for yourself: You will not get satisfied with one dish only. The many, the better the satisfaction and the more an expert you will become. You will even start earning money by installing FTA satellite TV for your neighbours for a fee.


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