How connect one aerial to two decoders or digital TVs


This question has been asked by quite a number of you and I have been replying to many Facebook messages. So here is how to connect two decoders to one aerial without buying an extra antenna. You can connect two GOtv decoders, two Star times decoders which are of the same kind. This method can also work with different types of decoders maybe you can have a GOtv decoder in the main room and a free to air decoder in the bedroom.

Any type of aerial will work be it the GOtv antenna, startimes antenna, Jetta antenna or Ellies  antenna. Aerial are simple so even a sufuria antenna will work.

For everything to work you need an RF (Radio Frequency) splitter like the one in the image. Dont worry that it has a Radio name, it will definitely split UHF or VHF frequencies. Connect your aerial directly to port labelled IN using F-Type connectirs like the image shows and two decoders or digital Integrated TVs to the ports labelled OUT. Its as simple as that. The RF splitter costs only Ksh150 and can be found on any electronics shop near you.

Now if you use an amplifier or booster with your antenna get a power pass splitter that will allow the voltage to reach the booster mounted below your aerial. Some splitters have only one port enabled for power pass but the one in the image has all ports labelled as power pass.

There is a second method of connecting two decoders to one aerial by using the RF loop out port availabkle on some decoders. The image below shows the back side of an Openbox V8 Combo decoder. The antenna goes to the RF in port and the other decoder to the Loop Out port. Notice that these ports require the use of F-Type connectors.


Signal losses will occur when using splitters and these are negligible when it comes to Digital TV transmission.

So what about connecting you antenna to more than two decoders? There exists a 4X1 splitter that will feed the same signal to 4 decoders or TV sets. The 8X1 splitter will also serve 8 decoders or television sets.


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  1. Where can i get the openbox V8?Furthermore,what are its advantages over thy word decoder?

    1. The openbox v8 decoder has many advantages over the thyword decoder. It has a HDMI port(cable included), sensitive tuner and more functionalities like software updatable through USB stick. I will send you an email with the contact of the guy selling the decoder.

  2. Where can I purchase the RF (Radio Frequency) splitter, 2 ways to preside am in Nigeria and how much does it cost in Nigeria?

  3. How can I connect 2 decorder together on one box subscription. Thank you.

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