Using The Stargold SG-20SF Satellite Finder The Correct Way


The Stargold SG-20SF is the most common satellite finder available locally and below you will find out the proper way of using it. It is grey in colour and fits the palm quite well. It only has two ports on either of its sides labeled “TO REC” and “TO LNB”. The scale is from zero to ten and the scale background is yellow in colour. This article is going to double up as a Tech Tip as well as a review.

First of all in order to use a satellite finder, you need to buy some extra 2 F-type connectors as well as a length of good quality coaxial cable. Two metres is sufficient and my favourite type is the black in colour Astel cable that can withstand harsh weather and handling. With these three items you will build what is known as a jumper cable that you will use to connect the LNB to the satellite finder.

All connections must be done when the decoder is OFF, not even standby, switching it off completely is required.

At this point you should have mounted your satellite dish and run the whole length coaxial cable from LNB to decoder. Connect the decoder to this cable in the house. While outside connect this cable from your satellite receiver to the “TO REC” input on the satellite finder.

  • Connect the jumper cable from the “TO LNB” port of the satellite finder to the LNB already mounted on the dish.
  • Make sure the knob on the satellite finder is at the minimum position before turning on the Receiver. If you turn on the receiver the scale on the satellite finder should light up a colour yellow and the needle be pointing at Zero.
  • Depending on what satellite you want to receive, set the dish to properly face the direction of the satellite. You can get this information from  As an example if you wanted to point it to SES 5, the Zuku  Satellite then your dish should be facing the West.
  • Set the Satellites finder scale to about 5 by turning the knob clockwise.
  • Now move your dish right to left, up and down in small movements, the aim being to hear a buzzing sound from the satellite finder and also see a full scale deflection of the needle.
    When you receive the satellite the needle will move towards the maximum value 10 on the scale while making a buzzing noise. The pitch of the sound will continue to raise sharply the closer you get to correctly aligning the dish to the satellite and vice versa when you move the dish away.
  • When you get the highest scale reading, tighten the nuts on the dish, switch off the decoder, disconnect the satellite finder and connect the receiver to the LNB directly.
  • Very important, do not use the satellite finder directly in front of the dish, the satellite finder will give you false full scale readings.

This satellite finder is very easy to use, within a few hours I had mastered it and so can you. I actually bought mine a few years ago at Nairobi’s Luthuli Avenue and completely recovered the money by installing a Dstv dish at a client’s house a few weeks later. Not only did I recover the full amount but I made a handsome profit too. Just like any other Electronic gadget, if you misuse it then you will damage it. Avoid dropping it and letting it get rained on. While I used this satellite finder I used the hook at the back to hang it behind the dish and aligning the dish from the same position. Is this finder available in the rest of Kenya? I willl find out soon.

The only downside of this gadget is that it relies on Electricity to function so if there is no Electricity, then you will not use it.

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  1. I have understood now, but how and where can I get that satellite finder and how much does it cost in kisii.

  2. I was trying to use the finder and each time I connected it according to the above instructions the finder was not powering on. What could have been the problem.

  3. How can you help me my dear friend? Iam using strong decoder SRT 4940, with the card which is not working as of today mytv is not operational. What can I do to for me to continue enjoying my decoder?

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