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Simple Explanation – Connecting A Set Top Box To Your TV


This article was written on 10th May 2014.

Whatever model of Set Top Box you have, the procedure of connecting it to your TV is the same. So if you own or have just bought a pay TV set top box like Gotv or Startimes or maybe you don’t want to pay for your TV so you own a Free to Air Set Top Box like the SONAR, HBOX, Microville, HOLY BOX HW7900 DVB T2 SET TOP BOX, Next YE-2013T2, Kaskad VA2102HD, Horizon DT101, M-Tech MT-T22, SAMSUTECH DVB-T2, iCLASS T2000 or iCLASS VA2102 HD,  SHINETEC VA2102HD DVB-T2 SET TOP BOX, DVB-T2 STB: DH2639, SMILE DIGITAL TNT-SD001 DVB-T2 SET TOP BOX, DVB-T2 STB: DH2639 etc. The list is very long the procedure is still the same.

TV Connection

First things first before powering it up place in a convenient place away from direct sunlight and any contact to moisture. If you own a CRT TV, then placing it in the TV itself is convenient. Make sure the socket outlet is in its off position before proceeding. Now plug in the 3 RCA cables provided at the back taking care to match the colors perfectly. Connect the Yellow cable to the Yellow Video Port and the Red and White cables to the Red and White Audio ports respectively. Now locate the same type of colour coded 3 ports on your TV and connect them too. Make sure you note which port you have connected it to the TV i.e. AV1 or AV2. You notice that it’s the just the same as connecting your DVD Player to the TV.

Another option is connecting your Set Top Box to the TV using a HDMI cable if you own a HDTV. Now most Free to Air set top boxes being sold today come with a HDMI port and most probably a HDMI cable. Just connect the cable to the HDMI out port of the STB and the other end to HDMI IN on the TV. Like before, note which port you have connected it to i.e. HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3 etc.


What if you don’t have a HDMI Cable or your TV doesn’t support HDMI inputs. In that case you will have to use the AV input. That is the Yellow, Red and White connector cables. The vide below will show you how to do that.

How To Connect AV Cables to 5 Port TV

How it is time to connect the antenna to the decoder. I recommend using the outdoor antenna that you were already using to watch the fuzzy analogue TV. Just plug out the antenna connector from the TV and connect it to the RF IN port at the back of the Set Top Box.

Power Connection

Almost done now, what is left is to plug in the Power cord to the extension and power everything up.  Using you TV remote control change it to receive signals from the port you had connected it to AV1, AV2, HDMI1 etc. Just choose whatever port you connected you decoder to. Note that if you set it to another port it will show you nothing.

Scanning channels

Now when you bought you decoder, the vendor must have scanned all the channels and the STB will be showing you something now. If not just follow the manual in the packaging and red how to get to the scanning feature most probably it is in the Antenna Installation menu.

If after scanning the Set Top Box is still showing nothing then I recommend you read this Digital TV Aerial Installation.


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