The backside of a Gotv Decoder showing the RF OUT port and absence of a HDMI port

RF OUT- How To Connect Two TV Sets To One Gotv/Dstv Standard Decoder


This post is about how to connect two TV sets to a Gotv or The standard Dstv decoder. Sometimes situations arise when you own more devices than your TV ports allow. Take for example the LG 22LN4130 LED TV; it only has one input option for connecting a DVD Player/Decoder/Play station. Which one do you use and which one do you leave out? The solution lies in this post; you can use the Gotv decoder RF Out port on the TV and free up the other RCA Port for the DVD Player or Play station.

There is also another situation that requires you to connect two TV sets to one Gotv or the standard Dstv decoder.

This is what you need for the installation:

  • An ample length coaxial cable
  • Two F – Type connectors
  • One F Type Female plug to TV PAL Male Coaxial RF connector

The image below shows the above mentioned 3 items. I have used a Gotv decoder for illustration but this will also work for a Dstv decoder too.

Coaxial cable and F connectors


Update 18/06/16 I did this video recently an it shows the method plus some tips. Although I did it in an impromptu situation, I hope it will help. I know the audio is horrible and that’s why this video has English subtitles.

  1. Connect the two F Type connectors to the ends of the coaxial cable.
  2. Connect the F Type Female plug to TV PAL Male Coaxial RF connector to one side of the already inserted F Type connector.
  3. Connect one side of the F type connector to the port labeled as RF OUT port on the GOtv decoder.

The other side of the cable should be inserted into the RF IN port /Antenna connector at the back of the TV set.

This is a photo  similar to what you will build.

Completed cable

4. Turn ON both the TV and Decoder.

5. Depending on the Model of your TV set, scan for the channels again.

The Gotv signal should appear as one of the channels at the end. It‘s just another analogue channel on your TV.

Your job is complete; you can connect the second TV to the RCA ports on the decoder. Or according to the reason you are reading this, you have just freed one port on your TV.

What does Power Antenna mean on the GOtv decoder?

Power Antenna simply means the antenna you will connect is an active antenna. An active antenna is an antenna that amplifies the received electromagnetic waves. It does so by using electronic circuit boards that are fed by power straight from your house power source. These are very common aerials nowadays, you can notice one by noticing the Power supply in the house that is linked to the Aerial coaxial cable that is in turn connected to the back of your TV set or decoder.

If you are not using the power antenna, then just turn off this option using your remote control.


27 thoughts on “RF OUT- How To Connect Two TV Sets To One Gotv/Dstv Standard Decoder”

  1. Is it possible to get a decoder/digital converter that basically converts the digital signals (from satellite, cable, digital terrestrial etc) into analogue signals that the TV can scan as several channels & not just one as though you’re watching via RCA cables? I’ve seen some “estate sambaza” DSTV setups that allow each house to scan their TV from the provided coax cables as though they were using normal antennas yet all TVs would have channels from the provider’s decoder setup that each TV could freely browse different channels with the TV’s remote.

    1. No its not possible Richard. Those Dstv mwitu channels have as many decoders as there are channels. That’s because each decoder is set at a particular frequency that every TV connected recognizes as an Analogue TV channel.

  2. I connected and the picture quality is very okay but no sound. What is the solution?

  3. I have contacted several times but is showing, I scanned it several but not working, please what is the solution

  4. I have connect my go TV to my second TV but the image is not clear what should I do ?

    1. Try fine tuning the analog tuner and also try changing the system, For example from NTSC to PAL. Try and see what works best for you

  5. Hi how do i see if my RF out or tv link is on my decoder. I’m not able to find the advanced option on my explora 3D

    1. The port will be clearly labeled as RF OUT. It its not available then your decoder does not support this feature

  6. Please help. Our TV is connect from lounge to TV in our room . Everything is fine exept our channels wont changeMrs.

    1. Changing channels can only be done from the decoder and it will change on both TVs at the same time.

  7. I tried this method, and it did not work. After connecting everything, I pressed the menu button on the remote of the second tv to see if I can switch to the line of the primary tv so that it will show, but all the four options that came up showed no signal. What shall I do in such a situation?

  8. How can I use my TV to connect to another TV set, basically I mean that I don’t want to use an av to RF converto, so I wan to know how to use my TV to serve as the RF out instead of using a converto.

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