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Popular Car and motoring shows on free to air satellite


Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron,  Ferrari 458 spider version, Maclaren 12 spider, Audi R8 convertible, Porshe cayman, Aston Martin, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce Phantom.These are all names of Cars I have watched on my favourite free to air satellite channels right here in Kenya. I am not the only one enjoying these channels as they are also available in North Africa and other Sub Saharan Countries too.

Top Gear is the number one motoring show in the world and is also my number one in this list. It is produced by the BBC in UK and broadcast in numerous countries and languages all over the world. I remember one day watching Jeremy Clarkson watching himself on TV speaking Arabic while they were filming Top Gear in the Middle East. He was shocked as he never knew he spoke Arabic until that day. The other two guys who host Top Gear are the short guy who likes whitening his teeth, Richard Hammond and the other old Guy who likes explaining and analyzing stuff in an engineering perspective. The most mysterious thing or person in the show is the Stig; some say that when he breaks into your house, he leaves two mysterious keys in the kitchen drawer. This is just one of the many phrases used to introduce the Stig on the show by Jeremy Clarkson. The Stig is responsible for driving cars round the Top Gear race track; basically it is setting lap times of the different cars reviewed on the show.

Top gear is watched by car enthusiasts as well as people who are not interested in cars. That’s because this show has the IT factor. It’s funny as well as crazy. These guys usually race jet aero planes with vehicles as well as speed boats. The craziest stunt I have ever seen on this show is the crew placing a Toyota Pickup on top of a building and then blowing up the building with explosives. The task was to find out if the car would start, so a mechanic only allowed the basic tools and no spare parts was called. After a few minutes, the car started. You can also see the Jeremy Clarkson’s toybota that once graced the show in the phote above.

My number two car show is DW Drive it. It’s a German TV show on DW TV, so these guys are a bit serious. They do very thorough reviews of cars as well as give motoring tips. On this show you will hear terms like Brake Horsepower, Turbochargers, Intercoolers, RPM, Hybrids and many others. At the end of every show it’s a must they review a vintage car and give you a sneak peek at what the upcoming episode will contain. I receive DW TV on SES 5 satellite @ 5 Degrees East. This satellite also has other free channels like CCTV News, CCTV 9 Documentary, NHK world and France 24 English. All these are International News channels which also air award winning documentaries.

My thirds favourite show is The American version of Top Gear, namely Top Gear USA. Hosted by Adam Ferrara, Rutledge Wood and the guy who loves doing burn outs Tanner Foust. This show does not have the IT factor and most shows are an adaptation of the original Top Gear series. The only fun thing about this show is watching Adam wreck cars, Tanner doing burn outs and the geek Rutledge explaining stuff.

The two shows TOP Gear and Top Gear USA are usually aired on the same channel Mbc Action. Mbc Action is on Eutelsat 8W @ 8 Degrees west. This channel is just one of the channels on the Mbc package which also contains movies channels like Mbc 2 and Mbc Max and Mbc 4. At the moment Eutelsat 8, Eutelsat 7 West and Nilesat 201 are the best satellites to receive free to air channels. I will list all channels on these three satellites in another post very soon.

My very last motoring show that I watch on free to air satellite is Pimp my Ride on MTV. This show hosted by the rapper Xhibit does not require any introduction at all. is on the Satellite Nilesat 201.


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  1. What channels beam such programming and which satellites have these? Would love to know so I make arrangements to receive auto related programming.

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