Make Sure Vegetation Does Not Cover Your Satellite Dish


Satellite dishes work by concentrating microwaves onto the LNB for reception. The stronger the waves the smaller the dish and the weaker the waves, the larger the dish required. Before I go on with the whole obstructing thing, you need to know the difference between prime focus and offset dish. Using the diagrams on that article, you will be able to point out possible satellite dish obstruction by vegetation.

Effects of trees blocking your satellite dish

Like I mentioned before satellite dishes work by focusing microwaves onto a focal point. The line of sight between the satellite dish and the satellite should not have any obstacles be they trees or buildings. The signal interference starts in the most unusual way, with pixilation in the most unusual weather. If your pictures have scratches in the middle of a cloudless day, then the trees might be blocking your satellite dish line of view.

Then there are the climbing plants that crawl their way up the wall and up to the satellite dish. It’s easy to remove these types of plants but permanent vegetation needs a more permanent or semi-permanent solution.

The easiest way of dealing with this problem is by pruning the culprit branches or chopping down the tree. But there are a few:-

Factors to check first

  1. First of all never install a satellite dish on a tree or below it. The ground is also not a good place to install a dish, you can see the effects on the featured image.
  2. Do not wrap the coaxial cable on growing branches.
  3. Look for future obstructions from growing trees.
  4. Do you own the tree you are about to prune or cut down?
  5. If not then choose an installation area further away from those tree(s) that you don’t own.
  6. Cut or prune the tree in such a way that it does not fall on the satellite dish.

Look out for upcoming buildings too. You remember the SES 4 install?

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