An LG Satellite TV showing the DiSEqC 1.0 functionality. It only allows a maximum of 4 satellite dishes

Performance check on LG satellite enabled TVs


LG Electronics East Africa in 2013 introduced into the Kenyan Market Digital integrated Televisions to help with the digital migration. The Televisions were

32LN540U which retailed for Ksh50,100

42LN540V which retailed for Ksh81,700 and

50LN540V which was even more expensive retailing at 175,600

The first two digits in the model number indicate the size of the TV for example the first one is a 32 Inch TV. But all these TVs were not only Digital Terrestrial TVs but also satellite enabled TVs too. At the back there are two ports one for Terrestrial UHF/VHF Antenna connection and the other for Satellite dish connection. Check this post about Scart Audio Out for a picture of the two ports.

From that time LG Electronics East Africa has introduced more satellite enabled TVs namely

32LB552U which now costs Ksh35,000

42LB552V for Ksh45,000 and

49LB552V which goes for Ksh65,000

But those are showroom and supermarket prices, these TVs are much cheaper in town at wholesale price, but beware of the many fakes in Nairobbery too.

The new range of LG Televisions are much slimmer, stylish and cheaper compared to the earliest models which were very expensive. The most distinctive feature of these Televisions is that they have two table top stands instead of one at the central location.

Apart from the physical differences all other features are exactly the same. Same user interface, same remote control, same number of HDMI and USB ports. Its like the same internal organs in a new stylish white Body.

Features of all LG satellite TVs

  • Two HDMI ports
  • One USB port
  • 2 AV inputs (One on SCART)
  • One component input
  • Except 32 Inch,  All TVs are Full HD

Satellite TV features

  • All TVs are MPEG 4 HD
  • DiSEqC 1.0 version
  • User friendly interface
  • Blind scan feature
  • PVR function
  • Easy EPG menu


I have used the 32LB552U as well as the 49LB552V models and was amazed at the picture quality of SD channels like MBC Action and the rest. You can even mistake the channel Russia Today on SES5 and Press TV on Nilesat as being HD channels. The HD channels are even more vivid and clear.

The blind-scan feature is very slow and does not show the channels received like most fta decoders but instead it shows the number of channels.

I had to set the TV to blind-scan feature to provide the LNB voltage’s needed for dish alignment because if the TV was on idle mode for more than 4 minutes it switched off the LNB voltages.

All TVs have a DiSEqC 1.0 version which means the maximum number of satellite dishes one can connect is 4. As for the satellite tuner its very sensitive because I have nailed CNN  frequency 11977 V 27500 in Nairobi on a 90cm dish with an Inverto LNB.  I published a photo of this dish on facebook here

The INFO button comes in handy when you need to read any program info and the graphics are very clear with big fonts. The EPG button cuts the sound and picture for even more detailed information on the programming. Speaking of EPG, the LG Satellite TVs can use an external Hard disk for PVR.

What about the Biss Key editing, card sharing and “hacking features”? Unfortunately they are non existent. The card feature for pay TV compatibility is of no help too. 

Remote Control

Like I said before, the remote controls are similar and will work on any model. Even the 19 Inch TV Remote control will work on the 50 Inch TV. Whats is disappointing is the high number of buttons on these remote controls. There are too many duplicate buttons on the remote and it takes a lot of getting used to in order to master all the buttons and their functions. I don’t understand why there are navigational buttons with the OK button at the centre as well as separate Program, Volume and Channel list buttons. There is also separate back and exit buttons. Lastly apart from the settings button there is another quick menu button. The same goes for separate program info and EPG buttons. 

But those TVs are just good. Get yourself one if you can.

Finally here is a trick you can manipulate your LG TV with


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  1. I happen to have a 32″ lg with inbuilt satellite receiver, does it mean i only need to buy a dish,lnb and cables to watch satellite channels for free.

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