Receiving SES 5, Eutelsat 7A, Amos5 on one dish

Kenyan TV mux on free to air satellite is not a dream anymore


Finally its happening, after a long time waiting we will have our own Kenyan Local TV stations on free to air satellite just like the Mena region has perfected in doing for decades.  The South Africans are ahead of us with Open view HD and so are the Zambians with Muvi TV. This is all thanks to iSat.

iSat, part of Wananchi Group, launched a subscription-free TV platform for Kenya on Eutelsat 70B satellite.

The new free-to-air transponder(s) on Eutelsat 70B will broadcast African and international digital channels in Kenya and across East Africa in order to accelerate the move towards a fully digital broadcasting environment in the region.

“We are delighted with our partnership with Eutelsat whereby iSAT provides complete technical platform and system integration for media houses and Eutelsat provides satellite capacity and video expertise,” commented Rakesh Kukreja, MD of iSAT Africa.

The biggest advantage of satellite is that it covers a very wide area unlike terrestrial transmission where transmitters have to be set up across the country. So wherever you live in Kenya provided your dish will have a clear unobstructed view of the sky, you will receive this satellite. Here is the proof, The African beam.

What do I need to receive the Kenyan Mux on Eutelsat 70B?

By the way Mux is a short form of multiplexer which is a device that combines multiple channels into one frequency. So the word Mux can loosely refer to a collection of channels. There is also an Ugandan Mux on free to air satellite too.

So you need:-

  • A 65cm offset satellite dish.
  • A standard LNB, I prefer the Stargold LNBs
  • A good length of quality coaxial cable and not forgetting a free to air satellite decoder.

Have all that equipment installed by a pro with the dish pointing towards 70.5 deg East. If your pro is such a pro then he/she can also nail Intelsat 20 positioned at 68.5 degrees East.  To increase chances of nailing the two sats with one dish then get a 90cm dish instead of a 65cm dish.  The decoder should also be an MPEG4 decoder because the format used is DVBS-2.

List of channels available

The channels are all housed on 11523 V 3332. Notice the low symbol rate? That means you need a quality decoder too. Try the Strong 4950H, it wont disappoint. There is also this other frequency 11057 v 29996 also part of the iSat package.


GBS Kenya

Family TV


Ebru Africa

Plus more others to come soon (update me on the comments section too)

For the Intelsat 20 channels, they are more than 100 all on Ku band to be precise on the Europe and Africa footprint only.

What about the 10 deg East Kenyan Mux

Hmm there is also a collection of Kenyan, Ugandan and other Free TV channels on Eutelsat 10A located at 10 deg east. This satellite transmits C band frequencies and with C band you need at least a 2.4 Metres dish to receive this particular sat in East Africa. This gigantic dish costs around Ksh20,000.

Ouch!! So not unless you live in the middle of the Tsavo National park then just get the local channels on DVBT2 using a terrestrial decoder hooked to a normal antenna.