Hotpoint HSTB301 DVBT2 set top box

Debate: Is The Hotpoint DVBT-2 Decoder A Quality Product?


The big Question to be analyzed here: Is the Hotpoint Dvbt-2 Free to Air Terrestrial decoder Model Number HSTB301 a quality product? Check out this forum discussion on JamiiForums and make your own conclusion. Mind you this is the cheapest free to air digital set top box in Nairobi and Kenya as a whole retailing at Ksh3195 only.

The posts have been edited for clarity and the member’s names withheld. Don’t worry I will leave a link to the actual posts at the bottom of this post. The discussion may seem quite out of the blue but if you follow the links at the bottom you will know where exactly it originated from.

Member: You are right my brother member, for those members who are dying for a Kenyan mux (collection of channels) like my brother in Voi you can get this latest FTA HD decoder from Hotpoint (lg product) for only Ksh3200/= with a 1 year warranty, you can record onto a USB, na hakuna malipo ya ziada (no extra payment), it is the latest fta from Hotpoint. With this decoder you will have all the local channels 3 stones, channel 5 from Tanzania e.t.c. A total of 28 channels, gospel channels too and no dish required. If you are here in Mombasa, go to combine radio electronic shop ile shop ya kalasinga sawa or pm me.

Another member asks: Hotpoint, LG Product?

The reply: You are right.

The reply gets another reply: I beg to correct. Hotpoint and LG is not the same thing. Hotpoint Kenya is the authorized vendor of LG Electronics products in Kenya (LG is from Korea). That’s why wherever you buy your Original LG product, you get a warranty from Hotpoint Kenya(whose offices are at Sarit Centre Westland’s). But over the years people have associated Hotpoint with LG and Hotpoint has taken advantage of this by having Chinese products made and branded Hotpoint! It all started when LG discontinued the manufacturing of CRT TVs, that’s why there are so many 21 inch Hotpoint TVs in the supermarkets. Now there are Hotpoint Subwoofers, DVD players etc strategically placed near LG products with the banners Hotpoint – LG near or on the products. All this is to make you the consumer think that LG and Hotpoint is the same thing.

Yet another member asks: Is that decoder available countrywide specifically In Nakuru?

The Reply: It is available in all major supermarkets’ countrywide okay. The decoder name is Hotpoint HD.

The lenghty reply explaining difference between LG and Hotpoint gets a reply: Thank u my brother.

It gets another reply: Many thanks member for the LG vs. Hotpoint. Quite an eye opener!

The thank you my brother post gets another reply: To Add, I would say go for LG branded products. I bought a Hotpoint DVD player (because the attendants were spreading the gospel of Hotpoint=LG ) and it could not play any of my AVI, DVDs which my LG player DV-350 could play, It just spins, freezes and makes lots of noise. At least it also has a USB port which plays the movies well so am thinking the DVD drive/motor is crappy.

The post including the DVD player gets a reply: The DVBT-2 receiver is below standards, I tried to check the hardware and performance was slow it hangs a bit. The remote is of low quality.

Yet another member posted: The Hotpoint decoder does not have a front panel display but it has a USB port. The major sideline is that my HDD was not supported. I took a chance to test next decoder with a similar software and remote control (like Hotpoint). It worked so well the price was 3,999.

Here is the link I promised you. African satellite World and Sat Gear Forum. You might want to go back and forward a few pages to understand how the discussion started and ended.

Now what is your judgment on all of this? Please leave your valued comment here.


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  1. Can you pay for von Hotpoint DVBT2 digital setbox like the way you pay for DStv

    Coz when you are searching It normally bring both channels the 1 to pay and the free one

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