Replacing My Worn LNB And Rusted LNB Holder


This is a discovery LNB that I bought in 2014. I loved this LNB because it had a long neck. Because of its long neck and low price, it was the best LNB for tweaking purposes. Fast forward to 2017 and the plastic at the front which was a bright orange started to fade. Add a couple of months to that and it started cracking.

Was it still working? Yes it was working perfectly fine.

I had another replacement LNB just lying about in the house. The problem now was that the screws that hold the LNB were so rusted that I couldn’t get the LNB out. Fast forward to 2019 again and I decided to use all manner of tools and methods to remove and replace the LNB and its LNB holder.

I documented the whole process in the video below. The LNB holder with all the screws cost me Ksh350 which is an equivalent of USD3.5

The Outcome

This is how the replacement LNB looks like right now. It does not have a long neck but it works. The satellite dish is now pointed at Intelsat 20 @ 68.5 degrees east.

Some work was also done on the 65cm satellite dish that included cleaning and spray painting. A very satisfying job.


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