Airstar EXT-2204 extension with the plugs beside it

Ten reasons to buy a Universal or multifunction Electric extension


Do you ever struggle when plugging in your electronic equipment into wall outlets? I bet you have, I have seen people using Bic Biro Caps, Keys, Pegs, Toothpicks, Twigs, Fundis use screwdrivers, multimeter test leads, Long nose pliers and anything at their disposal in the workshop or field. By the way it’s very important not to use any metallic object when plugging in anything to an Electric socket. Do not do it with wet hands either or plugging in Cables with damaged insulation. What you need is a Universal extension.

A universal extension also known as a multi-function extension accepts a range of differently shaped Plugs from the most common Euro plug to the most complicated French and American style plugs. By the way have you ever encountered these laptop chargers with these types of pins that do not seem to fit into any extension? Well it can fit perfectly into a universal extension. Its actually the second one from the left on the photo below. I did not use any keys, screwdrivers or anything to plug in the plugs. All were inserted effortlessly into the extension.

Airstar EXT-2204 extension acceps a renge of different plugs

Universal Extensions are the best type of extensions to buy. But do not buy those cheap Ksh100 bob extensions. They are built with very thin conductors, poor insulation and another material that is not copper. They will burn down your house and kill you. I bought this extension for Ksh500 in Nairobi’s Duruma road. By the way if you want to buy cheap electronics that’s exactly what is sold for twice the price in Luthuli Avenue, go to Duruma road.

The Airstar EXT-2204 extension has the following advantages.
1. These universal extensions can accept up to 10 different plugs.
2. It has 4 ports each with its own independent switch.
3. All switches have pilot lights to show if ON/OFF.
4. The cable is 3 metres long and thick enough to accommodate big currents.
5. Cable and extension plastic are tough to withstand mechanical abuse.
6. It has surge protection feature built into it.
7. It has EMI/RFI Noise filter. The purpose of quality hi-fi equipment is to deliver quality sound without any distortion whatsoever. This extension filters out all Electromagnetic and Radio frequency waves from the mains line. It only provides AC Voltage to your electronics.
8. A Thermal fuse circuit breaker has been built into the extension.
9. Insulation resistance of 5 Mega Ohms
10. Rated at 2500 Watts

So next time you go shopping for an Electrical extension, you know what to look out for.


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