Matching The Correct Brand And Size Microwave Oven With Your Budget


Microwave ovens are getting more and more popular nowadays. You do not have to be rich to own a microwave oven as their prices are coming down even further as time goes by. This post if meant for the people who have not yet bought a microwave oven, or those who are contemplating on buying a new microwave oven because the one they just had turned out to be a big disappointment.  There is a wide range of brands and models of microwave ovens and I will help you narrow down to your future microwave oven. I will not name any brands, this is a decision you will make on your own. 

Getting to trust a brand
You just don’t buy any brand you come across on the supermarket shelf, it is human nature not to trust strangers. As microwave ovens are getting more customers, more and more brands are appearing.  Some manufactures build very beautiful products while others long lasting products. Some are just in for the money. Buy a microwave oven from a manufacturer you already trust, maybe the same brand as your awesome Smartphone, TV or Refrigerator.

After sales service
This is the most important part of them all. How long is the warranty you will get after purchasing a particular product? A 1 year warranty is great but a two year warranty means that the manufacturer is 100% sure that what you are buying is a quality product. What about 10 years warranty? Please read the label right before the 10 year warranty sticker closely. You will notice that it only covers a part of the Microwave oven and not the whole product.

Import Standardization mark
Does the particular microwave oven model you are eyeing have an import standardization mark? No, leave that alone. Yes? This is even much better if it has a 2 year warranty. The Kenya Bureau of standards is known to be very meticulous on their metrology process just like any other standardization organization in the world.

The three points above have narrowed down you to a particular Brand; now let us narrow it down further to a particular model.

What amount of food will you are heating daily?
If you will be using the microwave oven to heat one plate daily, then a smaller oven is needed. For a family of 4, then consider a medium size oven. However if it’s for a restaurant, then get the largest oven you can get your hands on. Larger microwave ovens, apart from accommodating large quantities of food, have higher powered magnetrons which warm or cook food much faster. Some of these large ovens also have doors that open downwards like a normal gas or electric oven.

How often will you be using it?
The less often you will be using it, the smaller it should be. A smaller oven will save you money buying it and also the smaller power bill you will pay too. A larger microwave oven will also heat small quantities of food but will use much more energy than a small microwave oven. A microwave oven to be used in a restaurant needs to be bigger (can accomodate a large volume of food) and have a wide variety of features like defrosting and the grill function. These bigger microwave ovens have very efficient cooling mechanisms to cope with the almost hourly usage.

Is there possibility you will use the grill function
Yes? Then get a microwave with the grill function. If not then get one without the grill function, it will be cheaper.

How are your Tech Skills?
Do you find it difficult to use a touch screen Smartphone? Maybe you should get the mechanical operated microwave oven, the one with only two knobs. If your tech skills are up to date and you love a challenge then buy the fancy microwave ovens with touch pads and a digital display. These modern digitally controlled microwave ovens are also more expensive than their mechanically operated counterparts.

Service Centre
In case of anything, you will want your product to be checked. Who will check or repair it for you? If you want quality service then take it to the authorized service centre. Does your microwave oven warranty card show where it is? Even more importantly, does it even exist?


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