removing a broken rca cable from a tv set

How to remove broken RCA Video/Audio Pins from TV or DVD Player


If you have ever been in a situation where the Video or Audio Pins of your RCA cable broke inside any of your devices then you are in luck because I have prepared a very short tutorial on how to solve the issue. You only need tools that are available in almost every homestead. This method will surely save you some cash and it will not require you to open up your Electronics whatsoever.

  1. First unplug the device from the mains may it be a Home-theatre, DVD Player, Television or Amplifier.
  2. Place the unit on a cool dry and safe place. It its a TV place it on an area where the screen will not break or get scratches.
  3. Locate where the pin has broken into using a torch.
  4. Have a needle or any other metallic sharp pointed slim object at your disposal.
  5. Light a match and heat the pin for about 30 seconds.
  6. Gently push the hot pin into the hole without touching the sides.

Now most of the RCA jacks that break into your devices are the cheap and low quality cables. They are constructed in such a way that have an outer shiny metallic coating and an inner soft plastic filling. The hot needle penetrate the soft plastic filling as it melts it.

Leave the needle in there for around 30 seconds for it to cool down. After cooling the plastic will stick to the needle and you can easily pull out the broken pin.

Here is a demonstration video

Now that you know how to remove broken pins from your TV or Home-theater, how about some short notes on how to prevent this from actually happening.

  • Do not use fake cables.
  • But if you use them, make sure they have some slack near the ends. In other words just buy some longer cables.
  • Do not move the connected devices when the able are attached.
  • Place you electronics in such a way that it will not fall down, because if it falls it will probably cause an RCA pin to break inside too.
  • When buying a showroom electronic device, make sure to check all ports for abnormality, These pins even break at the shop too.
  • Never unplug RCA cables by pulling the cord, always pull the connector itself.
  • Do not twist or hold at angle the RCA pins when inserting or removing them.
  • Replace cables that seem to be loose, you know those cables that you have to hold for the video or audio to work.
  • Always insert the connectors fully into the unit, never leave them hanging outwards.

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  1. What about if I try using a super glue instead of the fire, can it still work

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