Factors That Make Your Electronics And Appliances Not Repairable


No Electronic device can last forever and no single manufacturer wants his products to break down at all.
But this is usually not the case in some circumstances. Today I will highlight the issues that can lead to your product being branded as irreparable. You may have the money and time but it will not matter. As much as you loved the product or the sentimental value it has on your life it will not matter as well.

Unavailable spare parts

Your old vintage TV can have some components that are just not available in the market. An example is the analogue manual tuning mechanism that changes channels. You ca also try and imagine getting a Motorola C195 mobile phone spare part these days
It’s not worth it repairing

I have an old faulty C band Dstv Decoder, the DSD 820 Dualview A. I can repair this decoder but it’s not worth it. It’s just as useless not working as it is when working properly.  Dstv migrated from C band years ago and are now using other cheaper Ku band decoders. It’s also not worth it repairing an MW/SW radio in the 21 century.

Beyond Repair

An Electronic device may be labeled as Beyond Repair due to its current state. This may be as a result of too much repair work and modifications done on the item. It can also be as a result of physical damage to the device like breakage or spillage of liquids inside. Rust is also a major problem; most rusted electronic parts never get repaired.

Discontinued product and spare parts

No Electronic device is produced forever; time comes when the manufacturer moves on to a better more advanced model.  A model can be discontinued but the spare parts can still be available in the warehouse. But what if the stock runs out? This is a case of discontinued spare parts. But not all parts are usually discontinued, for example Capacitors and Resistors will forever long be producers but the motherboard of a discontinuedHome Theatre will not. Can you imagine being told at a Service Centre that the Microwave oven you bought 10 years ago is discontinued? It happens and continues to happen. Although the magnetrons can be interchanged some touch pads and turntable motors cannot. Also avoid taking your Electronics for repair to unqualified people, they can make matters worse. By the time you find a qualifies technician, it will be too late.

Unavailable skill and test subjects

I can blame the unavailability of spare parts and label some products as old and unusable but the most important of the all is the human aspect. Is the technician that will repair actually do it? Does he/she have enough knowledge and experience to attempt any repairs? Is the technician willing to take that job?

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