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Tronic Oil Heater Review, Is this 11 Fin Model Good For The Kenyan Cold Season?


The July and August months are usually some of the coldest in East Africa and one way of heating the home is using electricity. There are electric heaters that just work like a cooker plate and then there are oil heaters that use oil as a heat reservoir.

Oil room heaters are filled with oil which is electrically heated and used as a heat reservoir. This does not involve burning of any oil. Oil heaters are safer than using charcoal and open fire because there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The fins are used to increase the surface area of the oil heater and they dissipate a lot more heat in the surrounding area than a traditional heater would.

The Tronic HW FH11-FI is an 11 fin oil heater rated at 2,500 watts. This Tronic oil heater has 3 heat settings, adjustable thermostat, automatic temperature control and overheat protection.

I had a chance to review this unit and here is my video.

Price In Kenya

The 11 fin oil heater goes for KES10,030 on the Tronic Kenya website and around KES14,000 on Jumia.


  • 220-240 Volts AC
  • 50Hz Frequency
  • 2500 Watts
  • 9Kgs
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 60x37x10


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  1. Hi

    I bought this and my electricity bill shot up significantly

    Anyone else feel the same?

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