Tips To Making Your Microwave Oven Last Longer


As microwave oven are getting more and more popular in Kenyan homes, so are the mistakes people make while using these appliances. Some of these mistakes can lead to serious injury or using quite a sum of money repairing them after misuse. I have repaired quite a number of microwave ovens and this is the list that I came up with pertaining consumer misuse. If you are making then you should stop and also alert others in the house too like your kids and the maid. You can also share this article using the Facebook/Twitter share button to get the message to as many people as possible.

So here is a list of dos and don’ts while using the microwave oven. You can buy the most expensive microwave oven, but without proper care it is all in vain.

The Tips

Use the microwave oven directly from the wall socket outlet, not from an extension cord. Microwave ovens tend to consume a lot of electricity and that’s why you should use them preferably from the big cooker control socket outlet in the kitchen. If you finish using it then switch it off from the socket outlet because the digitally controlled microwave ovens continue to use electricity even when not heating food.

The most common mistake most folks do is placing metallic items in the microwave oven.  Examples of such items are spoons, forks, knives, metallic containers, hotpots and in some weird circumstances sufurias. These metallic items damage the magnetron which is the heating element. In some cases these metallic items cause visible arcing in the microwave oven.  Use only microwave safe plastics and ceramic containers to heat food.

Leaving food unattended is another mistake, unattended food usually burns. Heating food without the rotating tray is also like heating food unattended. The tray will make sure that the food is heated evenly, thus avoiding burning food on one side. If your microwave oven uses a glass rotating turn table and it breaks, then replace it as fast as possible.

Never try to heat nothing. Also heating very little food is not advisable. The minimum amount of food allowed in most microwave ovens is food that can consume a one litre volume.

Microwave ovens are able to heat food because of the moisture in the food particles, so do not cook very dry foods like grains or placing dry items like paper or dry cloth inside along with food. These can catch fire.

Do not fill food to the brim of your container. Bubbling food particles will splash all over the inside of the microwave oven, making it dirty. Food also expands when you heat it so it will get spilled. Spilled liquids damage the rotating motor at the base of the microwave oven. Always make sure you leave some space for the food to expand.

Never use the microwave oven with a defective door. The microwaves can leak out and harm you. Do not stare inside the microwave while its heating, any leakage of microwaves can damage your eyes.

Do not heat foods in sealed containers because they can burst. The same goes for cooking eggs in a shell.

How close is your gas cylinder and cooker from your microwave oven? Place flammable items further away from microwave oven. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

What You Didn’t Know

  • The moment you open youe microwave oven door, microwaves cease to exist.
  • Microwaves do not linger in your food after heating.
  • Some plastics leach into your food during heating. So only use microwave safe plastics.

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