How activate Gotv decoder after payment

Simple-solving Gotv E16 error after MPESA paybill plus some customer care tips


Have you paid your Gotv bill using MPesa only for the TV stations on both Gotv Plus as well as Gotv bouquet remain scrambled? Well here is a
solution on how to troubleshoot or solve any E16, E17 or E30 errors on
your TV screen. Let me guess you your Gotv decoder is still showing
e016-0 after making payment? But first:-

How to Pay Gotv your bill using Mpesa for Kenyan residents.

Before you pay anything please keep in mind the following tips I have
crafted for you as a result of my experience with Gotv Kenyan customers
and their customer care mobile number which is 0711 066 555. First
before you pay make sure that the decoder is ON and that it is connected
to the antenna. As a good measure make sure you can view channel 99
without any problems. The second tip is always pay the amount with some
extra coins, for example instead of paying Ksh599 for the Gotv bouquet,
pay around Ksh605. The same goes for the Gotv plus bouquet, enter the
amount as Ksh855 instead of the actual price of Ksh849. Trust me when I
say that most of the problems that arise afterwards are due to lower
amounts paid and the fact that the decoder was OFF during the

1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose ‘Pay Bill’
2. Key in the Gotv Paybill number which is 423655
3. Key in your IUC number; this you can get it from the bottom of your
decoder on a red sticker.
4. Key in the amount for the package you wish to pay for. Its either
Gotv or Gotv Plus bouquet.
5.Key in your M-Pesa PIN
6. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
7. Wait for a confirmation message

Give it at least 15 minutes for the system to do its magic. Most of the
time it only takes less than 5 minutes for your account to be updated.
If you still see any error message after 15 minutes then try the
following method of troubleshooting E16, E30 or e17 error messages.

Method 1, Using USSD

1. Dial *423#
2. Select Gotv
3. Select Reset (use the IUC number – on the red sticker under the
Decoder – and follow the instructions)

Method 2, Using SMS

Send the following message reset IUC number to 22688. For example reset
2016807865. Note the space between the letter C and the start of the

Method 3, Using Go Eazy

Go to using your phone or computer and follow the

Method 4, call them on 0711 066 555 and follow the self service voice
very keenly. But make sure you have enough credit because this call can
take you on a merry go round before you actually talk to customer care
staff who are always available 24/7, even on Sundays and at night too.
Keep calm and if the call gets disconnected, call again and be patient.

What if every method fails Resetting my Gotv Account?

Go to twitter @GOtvKenya and ask for assistance, guys who do usually get
help much faster than the folks who post on the Gotv Kenya Facebook

  • Stanley Mwangi

    Someone to kindly help me know how i can pay for the Tv channels labelled “scrabbled” using my M-tech decoder

    • Hello Stanley, you cannot pay for Gotv or Startimes using any other decoder apart from the one the dealers sell. But in the future we may have a provider who will only sell smart cards that you can insert in any free to air decoder for the scrambled channels to work.

      • Stanley Mwangi

        Thank you for your timely communication. So it implies that i can only watch the free to air channels and not the scrambled ones for now? Nothing can be done in case of my M-tech decoder?….Right?

        • Nothing can be done except deleting all the scrambled channels

          • Stanley Mwangi

            Okay, I see. I appreciate your time and advice. Thank you once again and you are doing a great job

  • Samuel Miano Muthee

    Hy, my is samuel miano muthee, i paid Gotv on 5th of may yesterday but has yet to activated, my IUC No.2009497627

    • Hello samuel, for help with your account please contact Gotv Kenya.

  • peter aliela

    hey i have a problem.i wanted to pay my decorder but i ommited one digit of my icu number.please i need help

    • Because no such number exists in Gotv’s servers just do it again and this time make sure that you key in the correct digits.

  • livingstone

    hey kindly need help paid Gotv but still with E16 ERROR i have tried all instruction given sms, also calling

    0711066555 and following instructions but nothing has happened but only wasting my airtime. i have now given up. my IUC NO is 2017348330.

    • Its time for you to use the power of twitter, contact @GOtvKenya and mention your IUC number, you will definitely get help

  • Cynthia

    these guys are just making our lives difficult.. they should first have a toll free line, do you know much credit you spend while the operator is still giving you instructions? am just fed up with them i wish i could have just bought star times you just pay even if its off.

    • If Gotv had a toll free line, just like safaricom you would have to spend hours before someone picks your call. But thanks for the feedback cynthia

  • juliet tinga

    Please help i have been trying to pay for my decoder since tuesday but i always get a message that says your account format is incorrect and yet i use the same IUC number plz assist coz i have tried all the methods but in vain my IUC number is 2018515025

  • Favoured Nyokabi

    I paid my gotv got the channels set but after 3 days it went off…what to do now?

    • Just call GOtv Kenya and let them know of your unfortunate predicament

  • Prissy Kay

    hey i have paid my gotv got the channels but after 1 day it went off displaying E16 I have tried to reset it but with no success………..please tell me what is the problem and how to solve it because i am fed up with the whole thing

    • The answers are on the post, you must be doing something wrong with the process

      • Prissy Kay

        please you are not getting me because i am not seeing any answer on any of the posts

  • Prissy Kay

    kindly explain to me what you mean by “i must be doing something wrong with the process”

    • Try paying more than the amount GOtv asks for and make sure that the decoder is ON at the yime of payment. Im presuming you use MPESA. The channels will unlock themselves without any problem.

      • Prissy Kay

        thank you but i don’t understand because i paid twice the amount and it is still displaying ERROR 16

        • Did you check your IUC number and verify it belongs to you, sometimes an incorrectly typed IUC number while using MPESA will cause such problems.

          • Prissy Kay

            Of course it belongs to me because actually i got the channels for a day then almost all the channels got scrambled.i can only access 5 channels. the rest of the channels display ERROR 16. what will i do to with the scrambled channels? please help me …… my IUC number is 2016960200

          • Prissy Kay

            i haven’t got a reply. i am getting impatient

  • Benjamin Ombok

    What is your unit consumption rate? The IUC number is 2016119279. I bought your gadget on 30th May 2015. It went off on 14th July and I paid Kshs 500. On 30th July it went off again to which I paid Kshs 500. On inquiry on Due balance, the amount due stands at Kshs 1,362.87. Tell me the problem if someone is not just fleecing me. Is it worth it?

    • Hey Benjamin, I dont know the unit consumption rate for Gotv.

  • Lillian Lichina Sylvester

    I renewed my subscription before expiry of my Gotv bouquet but stll got disconnected on the due date. I hv called, text n gone to their website to clear the E16 error all in vain. Infact the mpesa transaction has not been acknowledged by multichoice whereas safaricom confirmed the payment. I have spent on airtime trying to sort out this issue nimechoka. Gotv should up their game or else they will lose customers

  • gandaowino

    I use Coship Smart beaver Free to air terrestrial decoder in Maseno.I ponted my antnna to Yala -Kbc transmitter.I get 30Signet tv stations and 11 signet radio stations.The frequency that hosts is 634MHz.and band-with 8Mhhz..The picture quality oscillates between 85-90%.I use the antenna sold by the star times company.(yagi type).The box worked ok.
    i decided to experiment further.I fixed the star times free to air terrestrial decoreder(Black in color) in the same set up and signal path.To my amazement,during the scanning,the star times box could show signal strength of 60% and quality of 70% on frequency of 634 MHz which host signet channels but never stored any station.

    What could be the reason why the star times box is unable to scan and store these signet stations since it an fta terrestrial decoder just like the smart beaver

  • Ephraim
  • Charles Ayoo

    1. I paid my subs 2 days ago yet the error is still there. 2. the monthly subs takes less than a month. Before 21 days are over you receive a request to pay. How do you count the days? 3. The sms on *423# is not well set; where to insert the mpesa receipt no. not clear but its quite expensive. IUC 2017698302. Kindly help.

  • Josmaish Mbogo

    Dear Customer, your payment of KES 849 for GOTV account 0727641350 has been accepted. Dial *423# to clear your E16 error code. I used my phone no.instead of iuc no.2017245289………please help

  • Robert Njenga

    I have paid my gotv got the channels but after 1 day later it still shows E16 I have tried to reset it but with no



  • lister

    I paid for Iuc 2018656612 yesterdayKDO6L98RQK Confirmed. Ksh855.00 sent to GO TV for account 2018656612 on 24/4/16 at 5:28 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh16,179.57. Hakikisha! To stop any wrong transaction type 1 and send. I have tried to reset using the said procedures I have spent so much money with *423# the procedure stops on the way I sent and sms the replyDevice number 2018656612 could not be cleared, please contact your nearest GOtv office . where are your offices and why all this?

  • James

    hello i wouldlike to pay gotv elite ksh555 ,for 3 months is it going to reflect automatically? or which procedure shall i use

  • Sam segele

    Can you guys reset my decoder I payed yesterday but it is still bringing error code 16 and 39

    Sam segele

  • pilgrimage

    My experience with Gotv after payment especially after a long period is that it will ‘come when it feels like it’; may be several hours or a day after.

  • Martin Mugambi

    Whats up with ICU number 2004399153 …
    Do i need to top up or what. nothing is showing.


    i have paid my gotv got the channels but after 1 day it went off displaying E16 I have tried to reset it but with no success………..please tell me what is the problem and how to solve it because i am fed up with the whole thing.


    i have paid my gotv but i have been resenting but all in vain displaying E16 I have tried to reset it but with no success………..please tell me what is the problem and how to solve it because i am fed up with this decoder.

  • TOPE

    Good day after i recharged the error code
    E16 is still showing on the screen please help me out.

  • akinwunmi gbenga

    i paid for to re activate on line but still show that my subscription has expire

  • Thomas githinji

    You gotv must be responsive to customers query.take this made payment on 5/01/2017. E16 still bogging my TV (mpse no.LL66PPXIXW Ksh.950)to date . Surely do u care?

  • Nanna Lovelexx

    Hey, I have paid the monthly subscription for my Gotv decoder but after a day of watching it went off and displayed E16 on local channels. IUC No: 2018532989 the owner of decorder Mutia. Kndly help to solve the problem. Waiting for your positive consideration

  • Paul

    my gotv shows black n white. I have installed new cables and even reset the decoder. what could be the problem