A HDMI Converter that also works as an NTSC to PAL converter

PAL to NTSC converter for Televisions not for the Kenyan Market


Have you received or bought a TV from abroad only to discover that the colour mixing is not working for normal TV reception as well as DVD Players, Decoders or Home Theaters. In fact the picture will be in Black and White.  Most of such TVs usually come from the USA, some European countries and countries from the far East like Korea. These countries use NTSC colour system as opposed to what we use here PAL. NTSC stands for  National Television System Committee which is the video system or standard used in North America and most of South America. In NTSC, 30 frames are transmitted each second. Each frame is made up of 525 individual scan lines. PAL is the predominant video system or standard mostly used overseas including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and others countries.

PAL stands for Phase Alternating Line which is a colour encoding system for analogue television. Now you might ask we are migrating to Digital why do I need the NTSC to PAL converter? The truth is that our eyes cannot view digital information and neither can our ears hear a digital signal. When using a decoder or digital integrated TV the final picture on the screen is an analogue signal and so is the audio from the speakers.

Connecting the HDMI converter is easy, just plugin your decoder or DVD Player on tone side and the TV on the other side using the HDMI cable. Power the converter using the adapter provided and enjoy. although its called a HDMI converter, it also works as an PAL to NTSC converter.

This TV gadgets work is to make sure that the signal entering your TV is the same format as what the TV understands. So when shopping for this gadget in the streets of Nairobi, make sure you specify its an PAL to NTSC converter and not the other way round. I have spotted and helped people buy this gadget at Riwara Electronics and also spotted it at Digital life Electronics.

The unit even has an additional Analogue audio out port. Also remember to place the toggle switch corresponding to the input you will be using be it an S-Video signal or a composite signal.

Too Bad

The unit only has a HDMI output so it cannot be used with a TV set without the HDMI port.

Not easily available, you must sweat looking for it.