Miracast – Easily mirror smartphone to Smart TV


It’s officially the smart phone era so why should your TV still be analogue (or Digital Only)? Have you ever watched a YouTube video on your smartphone and wished that you could view the same on your TV? Welcome to Miracast an application that utilises WiFi to mirror your smartphone screen to the TV. Its quite simple to use as I ran a test recently in the following video. Don’t mind the background music!!


Its fun to play mobile games on a big screen or watch YouTube videos too. Whats even more interesting is launching your camera app and see what happens.

According to Wikipedia, Miracast  can roughly be described as “HDMI over Wi-Fi”, replacing the cable from the computer to the display. Miracast does not incur any data charges whatsoever but if you have stable WiFi its even better for streaming stuff from the internet.

If you would like to try the same then here are the details.

The TV is a 32 Inch Smart/Digital terrestrial as well as Satellite TV. It has 3 USB as well as HDMI ports one of which supports ARC ,Audio Return Cable. Model No. 32LB580V

The Smart share app, Miracast must be ON to mirror your smart phone.

  • Just go to settings > Network > Miracast /Intel WiDi > (Turn On Miracast at this point). > Exit the menu completely.
  • Take your smart phone and go to settings > Display > Cast Screen > Enable wireless display.
  • Let the phone search for TV and just tap on TV name when it pops up.
  • A connection will be established.

Note that for other phone types the process might be different. LG users just skip all that above and tap on Miracst on the swipe down menu.  For Tecno, Infinix, X-TIGI, Injooo plus others use the method above.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has screen mirroring function. HTC One has Media Output
You can watch these phones screens on LG TV wirelessly (without any additional device/adapter)

And lastly not all phone models can use Miracst.