The first HD channel on digital tv kenya

KissTV HD the first HD channel in Kenya-lets give credit where its due


If you have to tolerate poor picture quality and audio from signet then this might come as good news. The first HD channel in Kenya just had to be Kiss TV. You would think that it would be anyone of the three stooges (NTV, Citizen or KTN) but No, as of right now they do not have a Digital TV frequency. Even KBC the TV station owned by the government of Kenya still broadcasts crappy pictures, KBC has more viewers than Kiss TV for Gods sake.

HD stands for High Definition which offers high quality images than what we are used to SD or standard definition.  The normal RCA cables (Yellow, White and Red) usually deliver SD content to a TV even though the channel tuned to maybe HD.

Although not all music videos aired on Kiss TV are HD, the picture quality is still much better than what Signet Kiss TV has to offer. If you compared the two services you would notice that the Bamba Kiss TV HD channel offers more clear scrolling text at the bottom of the screen and the Logo on the top left is well defined. Kiss TV offers its channel using 1080i which is not full HD but  its still much better than SD.

How to enjoy Bamba Kiss TV HD

  1. You need a Television set that is basically a 1080p or Full HD Television. A CRT Tv cannot show a full HD picture, infact the difference is quite noticeable.  A HD ready Television (720p) will work but I do not think HD Ready TVs are still in the market.
  2. Next you need a HDMI cable which is a must. Even though you may have a HDTV and decoder capable of receiving HD content, if you connect it using the normal RCA cables you will not enjoy the picture clarity of HD.
  3. And finally a Bamba TV decoder, which by the way is sold without a HDMI cable.

I have included the Bamba TV decoder because very soon they will scramble their content and add more channels.

A full HD channel usually broadcasts in 1080p although some channels are usually broadcast in 720p.

Broadcasting using HD technology uses a lot of resources than broadcasting in SD.  In fact its either a signal distributor broadcasts 4 HD channels or 16 SD channels. But signet does not care, all this company does is just signal distribution not Quality signal distribution. The difference is quite clear between Signet channels and Pang channels.

I also saw a hint during the recent supreme court proceedings from Paul Muite the lawyer representing the 3 media houses against the government that NTV, KTN QTV and Citizen TV are planning to roll out their content in HD. This is one of the reason that they are protesting being given very few frequencies, because HD broadcasting is resource intensive. Lets hope that all channels in Kenya will migrate to HD.

Its not that SD channels are bad but with the proper equipment some SD channels using 576i are very clean and clear  even on big TVs. Examples of such channels are TCC, the church channel on Bamba TV.