Challenging Tv installation I did in Nairobi

How smart and stupid people break their expensive TVs


Being around TVs for a very long time and being able to repair them, I have encountered how Kenyans in particular break their expensive LED and Plasma Televisions. Some of the stories I’ve heard are just very funny as others are shockingly unexpected.  LCD modules usually cost around 95% the cost of the TV. In some cases the LCD module is more expensive than the Brand new TV itself.  I have grouped the breakage phases as follows:-

Right after buying

Televisions on a showroom display have the best picture you have ever seen but on if you inspect them closely you will notice they have some scratches, dust and occasional dents. So right after you choose the right model,  the vendor usually goes to the store and bring you a brand new TV. Never pay for it before testing. A guy I know bought a broken TV. Or did it break⬇

During Transit

If you buy a big TV from any shop and don’t have access to a personal or borrowed car, then keep some money aside for a Taxi ride to your doorstep. I don’t know why you would save Ksh40,000 (390USD) to buy a 42Inch TV and transport it home using public means. People’s TVs have broken so be smart.

Another important point is to never throw away the TV packaging. If you ever need to transport your TV for any reason like moving houses, just pack it again. Actually some TVs break when being taken for repair. The repair could be a minor issue but if the TV arrives at the service center broken, then it’s useless. 

Installation   mistakes

Mounting TVs on the wall is fun and easy if you have the right tools. Its a great DIY as well a brilliant method to break your TV. Look for a professional to install your TV. Read more on mounting Big TVs. 

If the TV is too big don’t carry it yourself. Ask for help installing it, placing it on the table or even removing it from the box.

Small children

I once had a client whose child tried to kill Tom of the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry. Well she used a biro pen and guess where Tom was, on a 42″ LED TV. Tom died alright together with the TV.

Make rules about children  playing in the House and especially throwing items while indoors.

Domestic violence

Stories Ive heard so far:-

  • My wife threw a thermos flask at the TV.
  • My husband tried to hit me, I ducked and he hit the TV.
  • My wife poured Tea on the TV.
  • My boyfriend was watching too much TV so I broke it.

During Gaming

If you cant afford wireless gaming pads then make sure you really take care of your loosely hanging tables. Folks have tripped on these cables that are connected to the Big expensive TV.

Household pets

Now in Kenya its very strange to hear of an African who lives with his dog under the same roof. But that’s not to say dogs don’t break TVs. There was this burglar who dropped a 32 Inch TV after being chased by a Dog. Its also not uncommon to hear of cats that jump on TVs and drop them to the ground. To prevent this from happening mount your TV on the wall or fasten it to the wall if its on a table top.

The craziest story I have ever heard is of a Rat that ate a TV stand making the TV fall to the floor. It was one of those TVs with two stands at either side. So keep your house clean.

Lastly is opening the TV

If you are a technician and don’t know how to open a TV, ask for help and also check for service manuals online.