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HDTVs can show very crappy pictures too


I like this Facebook post my friend did the other day about High Definition Televisions. Its somehow funny and very educative.

DON’T get it Twisted!
I don’t know what some people expect when they acquire themselves a High Definition (HD) or the latest UltraHD LED Tv!
These TV’S can give you pictures of amazing clarity. However, contrary to what most people expect, it’s not like they upgrade a poor quality picture to high definition standard!
What you input is what you see. You input a low quality video n that’s what you’ll see on your expensive screen n vice versa.
If you want to see High Definition media then accompany your HD TV with same standard equipment like a Blu ray player (means now you buy high definition movies in blue ray discs), HD tv decoder (note that not all channels are broadcast in HD).
There are Home theaters said to upgrade low quality videos to Full HD 1080p, however, this is not true to most of them though the picture quality will be a bit improved.
Be wise and don’t embarrass yourself returning your TV to the dealer complaining of clarity.

Someone asked in the comments

I’m fan number one when it comes these these updates you post. very enlightening stuff. I just learnt something new. Big ups. So hizi high HD movies huuzwa wapi?

My answer is anywhere but from the 50 bob movie dens, you can try 1080p USB movies from the internet.

What happens is that in those fancy showrooms they feed all the TVs with a HD video either from a USB stick, HD Generator, or HDMI splitter through a Blu Ray Home theater. Believe me if they showed Sayare TV or any of the other Signet TV channels, you would want nothing to do with those flashy TVs.

  • Bernard Baraza

    Very true brother, these HD TV sets on the display are fed with very high quality HD feeds and you may be tempted to think that this is what you will see in your house with our normal digital terrestrial signal. In fact most people buy this kind of TV and they go ahead and use the conventional av connection while they have an stb with HDMI output, The only transmission with HD in kenya is the Dstv with a hd decoder if one wants to a HD experience.

    • Very true, the only HD channel on the Kenyan digital platform is Bamba Kiss TV which broadcasts in 1080i though not all the videos they air were shot using a HD camera.