Free to Air Digital Satellite and Terrestrial TV and more

News about the latest free to air Satellite TV channels from around the world receivable in Kenya, Tanzania Uganda and the rest of Sub Saharan Africa.

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The most controversial TV station in the world

Press TV is an Iranian international news network, which broadcasts in English 24/7. This is the most controversial international TV station in the world and most hated by Israel and the US.

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Digital TV Aerial Installation

With the digital migration underway in Nairobi and its environs thanks to Communications Authority of Kenya - CAK. This post is about how to install your antenna or aerial professionally to get good quality Digital TV with scratch free pictures during any weather condition

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Is it worthy buying a Free to Air Digital Integrated TV in Kenya?

What is a Digital Integrated TV?
A digital Integrated TV is a TV that has an inbuilt Digital TV tuner. In other words it has an inbuilt Free to air Set top box.  What this means is that with this type of TV, there is no need of buying a set top box at all.

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International News TV on Free to Air Satellite in Africa

The following is a list of international News TV stations available in Kenya on free to air satellite. You require a free to air satellite decoder preferably a HD MPEG4 receiver and a satellite dish in order to view these channels..