The Tecno Camon CX Camera Review, 16MP Front Camera!!

With the Tecno Camon CX having a 16MP back camera as well as a 16MP front Camera, the photos this smartphone can snap should be of the highest quality plus. What other new technology does the Camon CX have when it comes to taking photos? I am here to discuss that in detail. On the … Continue reading The Tecno Camon CX Camera Review, 16MP Front Camera!!

How The Tecno Camon CX Feels Like

The Tecno Camon CX had a worldwide launch right here in Kenya and is available to purchase on Tecno Brand shops across the country. I have used the Tecno Camon CX for a few weeks and this is what I can tell you before you purchase yours. Whats different Comparing the Camon CX and the … Continue reading How The Tecno Camon CX Feels Like

Buy A Tecno Camon CX And Help Feed Hungry Kenyans

As some of you may know, Kenya over the past couple of months has been struggling with drought. The lack of rains had caused severe famine in some parts of Kenya. The Kenya Red Cross had estimated that about 2.7 Million people were in need of food aid after low rains in the months of October and November had caused acute shortage of food in some parts of Kenya. As of February 2017, the President of Kenya declared the Kenyan drought a National Disaster. The President also appealed for local and international partners to assist the Kenyan government in fighting the pandemic. It was with this call to help in mind that TECNO Mobile partnered with ActionA!d to help some of the areas that had been hard hit by the drought. The area chosen for this was Daaba in Isiolo County. The County of Isiolo has a population of about 150, 000 people and about 40% of the populace was affected by the drought. In collaboration with ActionA!d, TECNO hoped to reach about 425 households with the donation. TECNO Mobile contributed food and water tanks for the people of Daaba. Not only that the women of Daaba were beneficiaries of sanitary pads, soaps and lotion. TECNO Mobile would like to give special thanks to National Drought Management and ActionA!d who helped with the drive.TECNO Mobile would also like to thank those Kenyans that helped make this possible by buying the Camon CX. For every Camon CX or the Camon CX that is bought 1$ (dollar) is donated to ActionA!d to help in the drought effort. Photos by Nature.